Once you claim your business listing on Google My Business, you should complete these 10 steps to ensure that your listing is optimized and visible. Google is the largest and most reputable search engine so you should take advantage of all of the opportunities it makes available to businesses.

1) Confirm your address is consistent and correct.

I know, I understand. This really sounds way too obvious. But there can often be duplicate or incorrect listings that may be outdated and not reflect your current information.

2) Check that your business hours are correct.

Make sure your hours are correct especially if your business changes hours seasonally. Google allows you to change the hours and other information on your listing, so it is important that you have control over it.

3) Include proper categories in your business listing

Think of any relevant keywords to your industry and include them in your business listing. For example if you are a lawyer, you should tag your listing with all the types of law that you practice. Doing so will direct local searches to your listing more frequently.

4) Add 3-5 photos of your business

Consider adding:

A photo of yourself

Photos of key staff

Photos of the checkout area and also the reception desk

Photos of your respective facilities or your retail area

2-3 pictures regarding customers being helped

2 – 3 photographs of what you are really known for. Make some great tacos? Shoot photos of them. Got the best tinting service in town? Get an image of a new car getting that stellar service.

Quality photos can make a major difference on Google. Make sure you show off the best parts of your business!

5) Add a new 360-degree view or the “virtual tour” of your business.

If you are on Google-maps, you’ll be familiar with “street view”, which lets you see a new location through a 360 degrees photograph. A business can add an internal view by hiring a Google-approved photographer and having this person come to your business and take some photos. You will then be able to approve photos and upload them to your account.

6) Write a thoughtful Introduction.

This is where you identify your organization and your mission. You can contain links in this field as well as a few carefully chosen keywords. Make this section informative and friendly.

Pro Tip: Use subheaders.

Use topic points whenever you can.

Keep sentences short and sweet.

7) Include typically the types of payment you accept.

Thoroughness matters to Google My Business and you should fill in everything, no matter how unimportant that seems. Even if it is obvious, let everyone know that you accept Visa, Mastercard, etc.

8) Ask politely for reviews.

Unlike Yelp, where you can be punished for asking for evaluations, Google lets you request customers to leave reviews. This greatly helps your rankings search engines because reviews are seen as credible verification of your business online. The more reviews you have in addition to the more positive they are, the more trustworthy your business will appear.

Not getting as many testimonials as you’d like? Contact us to talk strategy.

9) Respond to your existing reviews.

Say thank you for that nice review, but pay particular attention to the negative ones. Negative testimonials can actually have optimistic business effects, if they are handled correctly they stand a chance to increase your reputation.

Online reviews can show you some important – and missed ~ insights about your enterprise. It is crucial to stay up-date on your Google My Business account to monitor reviews and respond accordingly.

10) Post to your Google+ page often.

Google loves when you link their different products and services together. Due to the fact of that, it’s a real good idea to post on your Google+ page at least once weekly.

Consider publishing:


Sale announcements

Fresh employee bulletins

Questions from customers/clients

Industry news

A cool event in your area (Farmers Market)


Enough to get you on your way to better search engine results.

These ten steps are enough to make your current Google My Business listing stand out and appeal to clients. You could carry on by adding a few videos, hooking up Google Analytics, and checking your My Business Insights (another version of Google Analytics) every so often.

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