Why WordPress is the best content management system for building websites

//Why WordPress is the best content management system for building websites

Why WordPress is the best content management system for building websites

Use WordPress to build powerful, polished websites without learning much about coding. After you are comfortable with WordPress, what could otherwise take you over one month to complete will generally take you less than one week – when building the website from scratch. And to benefit from numerous tools for managing and building great websites, you just need to install the WordPress software on a server.

However, you have to remember that WordPress works better for particular types of websites. Brochure sites, blogs and personal portfolios are super easy to make with WordPress Content Management System. With the WordPress plugins, building job boards, e-commerce sites, social networks and any other custom sites is easier. Some developers are using WordPress to build application frameworks.

Why should you use WordPress to build a website?

The following are some of the reasons people use WordPress:

  • Many free resources

Among the things that website developers like about WordPress is that it is free to use. Even though that does not involve the amount you need to buy a domain name and to host the website, the fact that it is a platform that allows easier creation of website for free is a great thing. Whether you will be creating the website by yourself or you will rely on a development company, WordPress will help you save money. In addition to the software, which is free, you will benefit from the many other free resources associated with WordPress. Some of the available free alternatives include plugins and themes.

  • Easy to use

Apart from helping you save money, WordPress is very easy to use. From the process of installing the software to website creation and management, there is no step that requires a guru. Depending on the web hosting service you select, the software installation might be a single click. After the installation, you will be able to select the best theme that will define the overall look and layout of your website. The properly designed dashboard is also easy to use. 

  • The WordPress community is always ready to offer help

If you happen to encounter any problems during the website creation process, you should not panic; the WordPress community is always ready to provide help. Regardless of the issues you encounter, the forums and websites dedicated to offering help and support will help you get the answers you need. Even though WordPress does not offer any direct support, the communities are able to solve most of the common issues. Moreover, many companies around the world specialize in developing WordPress websites. The services of such companies are usually more affordable than those of companies specializing in custom built websites. 

  • You can use WordPress to create any type of website

Compared to custom made websites developed by large companies, you can use WordPress to create virtually anything. The only limitations you will encounter relates to the available themes and plugins. If all the plugins cannot provide the features you need, you can rely on the many companies that specialize in developing WordPress websites.

WordPress themes

Most of the individuals using WordPress to build websites are neither programmers nor designers. In fact, most people start using WordPress without any website design knowledge. WordPress offers thousands of beautiful and well-supported themes applicable in the modern businesses. After you have started building your website, probably you will be spending most of your time customizing themes that you purchase from the theme marketplace or theme developers or download for free.

To ensure that every WordPress theme you customize suits your personal needs, start with child themes – a preferable method of customizing themes. The method involves creation of new folders in the themes folder and copying and pasting files from the primary theme you are customizing. That might include the theme PHP files or the style.css files. A little Knowledge on CSS, PHP and HTML will be more helpful when making child themes and personalizing them.

Unlike developing a website from scratch, a little knowledge on the language will allow you to achieve more when customizing themes. And because the plugins, themes and WordPress software itself do a larger portion of the work, a little knowledge on coding will go a longer way. You should now understand why most individuals and large companies have chosen WordPress.

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