Our audience partner landed a pretty large PPC client last week. 90% of their business relies on their Adwords campaign, which was setup by 3-4 different agencies/persons over the past 2 years. So, the campaign is already a complete mess (remarketing code was never setup, they are using “Smart Goals” for conversions, no call tracking, about 4k keywords, 90% of which are broad Is wix good for SEO or PPC? Nope.match). That’s cool and all, it can be fixed.

The kicker: it’s Wix. Now, we’ve had small clients use Wix before and helped them with conversion optimization. But, our team has been combing over this data for the last 12 hours straight, pulling my hair out because Wix is the most worthless platform I’ve ever utilized. This is what happened in the last 12 hours:

  • Even though our client has the premium, most expensive Wix package, the support agent we called ‘has never used Google Analytics’.
  • Wix does not support goal/event tracking.
  • Wix doesn’t even allow you to add custom Javascript.
  • Wix doesn’t support or integrate with 99.9% of software/tracking/tools you’ll NEED for a high end PPC campaign

We also are charging them on a monthly SEO plan. That’s when it even gets worse. Wix uses Ajax for literally almost everything. Google is not a fan of Ajax. When you add a tag through their editor, further looking at the code, it’s NOT AN H1 TAG even though Wix calls it an h1. It’s just some customized <div> code. Before I realized this (partly my fault), I had one of my employees go through about 60 pages on the client’s website to optimize h1-h4 tags. All a waste. You can’t change image filenames. You can’t add breadcrumbs. You can’t add parent pages. No custom scripts, no file uploads, etc.

All in all, when you make a Wix site, essentially you’re just making 1 large SINGLE webpage, and when you click a different page, their AJAX code embeds the content you requested. They aren’t even real subpages, which throws a HUGE wrench into the NECESSARY tracking you need to run a 2-3k a day PPC campaign.

TLDR: Wix is becoming very popular these days, especially their marketing campaigns within the last year. Don’t touch it with a 10 foot pole. If a potential client is utilizing Wix and wants to run a decent PPC or SEO campaign, refuse. Suggest them to rebuild their site with WordPress or whatever. There’s some good Wix -> WordPress converters out there. Anyways, with this client- we’re going to do everything we can do to optimize their conversion rates. After they see profitable results, we are going to subtly (or maybe not-so-subtly) nudge them to do a WordPress makeover. Screw you, Wix, and your archaic Ajax 1 page wannabe BS drag and drop builder.