How to use Facebook to drive blog traffic in 2018

Building a blog is easy. However, building a successful blog with high traffic is relatively hard. To drive traffic from Facebook to your blog, you have to adopt several strategies. Create a Facebook profile depending on your goals; use the right photos and videos. Also, make more Facebook friends related to your target audience.


Target your content to individuals who are most likely to share it

When formulating your strategies, consider the chances of your audience spreading the word. Some readers are naturally less or more active in sharing content, but some communities, writing styles, topics and content types work better than others do on the internet. When using videos ensure that your target audience will share them.

Take part in the communities where your audience gathers

Determine where your target audience regularly gather and how they spend their time on Facebook. Reaching groups of 70+ year old men and women with commercials for sports equipment is a waste of money and time, but reaching 20-30 year old men and women who regularly attend gym sessions might increase your ROI (return on investment.) Target the people in groups where content and discussions about your topics have been posted.

Ensure that your blog content is SEO friendly

Search engines are a great opportunity for blog traffic. A large percentage of bloggers have been ignoring search engine optimization (SEO) due to misunderstanding and fear. When done properly, SEO should not interfere with your content. Instead, it should help you increase the traffic to your blog posts.

Advertise with Facebook

With many of your competitors already seeing great results from Facebook ads, it is the right time to start developing an advertising strategy.  Facebook provides ten campaign objectives depending on what the user intends to achieve. Select the best ad format depending on your goals and target audience.

Make short regular updates

Your aim is to increase the traffic to your blog posts that are purely text. On Facebook, use shorter texts to ensure visibility and get more engagement. When possible, use a single sentence with less than 140 characters. Actually, a large number of users access Facebook through their smartphones, which means that they prefer short descriptions.

Use large images

Facebook posts that feature images are more engaging than those without.  Ensure that every image you use on a Facebook post is attractive so that you can get more likes, comments and shares. And because most people hate reading blocks of text, use large images on your blog posts to represent the subject. People overlook posts without images because they are visually unattractive.


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