Are you wondering how your business can use Instagram?  Here are some ideas.


Today, Instagram has over 700 million users. It is facing less competition than the other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and the audience is more engaging. Therefore, Instagram provides businesses with more opportunities to market their products and services to the interested audience without spending a lot of money on paid advertising. Whether you are a newbie in the social media network or an experienced user, this is the ultimate guide to using Instagram for marketing.


  • Present your products in a creative way

When using Instagram for marketing, focus more on the solutions you offer to the consumer and not the products you sell. Ensure that you are adding value to the customers and using your most important asset on Instagram, which is visual content. For service-oriented business, highlight the processes behind offering the service. Share some tips and how-to or share your company’ mission.


  • Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are in the form of slideshows and can only last for 24 hours. The feature, which is a direct competitor to the popular Snapchat’s Stories, has many benefits. It makes the task of experimenting content – short videos, photos and Boomerang – easier. Use it to capture behind the scene content of your business.


  • Build a winning profile

Companies do many things on a daily basis and provide more solutions. And because it is hard to incorporate every aspect of your business in 150 characters, concentrate on the most important. Talk about the next promotions, events or the new products you are about to launch.


  • Take your customers through the production of your products or services.

Your customers would like to know more about your business and the production process. With Instagram showing that is easier. Source a variety of images to illustrate how you develop products – particularly the FairTrade or environmentally friendly products – from the material sourcing stage to distribution. Share what your product consumers want to see.


  • Collaborate and mention other Instagram users

With Instagram sharing success stories and collaborating with others is easier. The social media network can help you collaborate with non-profit organizations and conduct fundraisers a few times each year. However, you have to ensure that the goals are in line with your products.


  • Use Hashtags

Use general or campaign specific hashtags to reach more prospective customers. Remember to set up the primary hashtag of your company and use it slenderly on the social network. That alone will make it easier for people to find your company and your products.