A study sponsored by Capital One Spark Business, concluded that 40% of small business owners are not on social media sites such as Facebook.  The numbers of social media utilization vary by industry, but every type of business can use these strategies to stand out among competitors. Further, only 21 percent of those surveyed shared that they use cloud technologies such as Google Analytics, Google Drive and G-Suite to analyze data and share information internally. In the modern business environment social media is one of the most cost effective direct way to market a small business. Connections, advice and reputation are currency in the world of social media and any business can find success using these tools.

If social media presence has not yet stood out to you you as a “must do” in your business, let us share a few reasons why you should use these tools. Social media has made communicating with your customers easier than it ever has been and customers tend to view social businesses as more friendly and reputable.  Here are a few more reasons to jump on.


Get to Know Your Customers: Gone are the days of guessing what your customers want, now this information is at your fingertips.  We can help you analyze your target audience to learn about what they are interested in and how to reach them. You can learn, listen and foster quality relationships using social media.  Another great strategy is to leverage blog content or special offers on your social media pages.  Seeing what your customers are liking and sharing will also give you better ideas for your blogs, advertisements and newsletters.

Social Media is the Ultimate Focus Group: You can listen to your customers’ needs and receive instant feedback on offers, marketing messages and pricing.  Social media is also useful for studying your competitor’s strategy and getting new marketing ideas.  #Hashtags are huge on social media and they help categorize content.  we use hashtags to research content and see what kinds of posts get the most attention.

Expand Your Audience: A strong social media presence will help you stand out to locals as well as visitors to your area.  Social media opportunities are different depending on if you are a brick and mortar business, an e-commerce product or service or a combination of both.  Businesses advertise with sponsored content on social media and Google search to reach new customers every day.

Increase Website Traffic: Social media one of the most cost effective ways to drive traffic to your website, which depending on your business model, could be the whole point.  If you are on social media already and not getting the results that you want we are here to help you reach those goals.  Modern search engine algorithms have become more complex and sharing content on social media is a factor in your search engine rankings. Spending a little on ads can go a long way delivering directly targeted traffic.  For example you can advertise content directly to people searching for “screenprinting service in Jacksonville, FL.”  We will create an enticing calls to action that will drive traffic to your website, telephone or physical location.


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