Online Marketing is the most powerful tool a business owner can use to grow their business.

How to improve your driving school’s SEO

Does your website look like it was designed in the early 2000s? Does it grab your potential customers attention? Is it easy-to-use and optimized for use on mobile devices? Can your customers schedule lessons and exams online? If not, then you are missing a huge opportunity. It is time to contact a marketing agency and web designer. You will want to add a shopping cart to your site so that customers can purchase your services from home or wherever convenient.

Once your website is updated and running 24/7, it is time to optimize it so that your customers can find your driving school in their Google searches. Your website is on the map, but potential customers need help getting to it. Refine your SEO so that your website will show up when customers search for your ‘driving school’ keywords. You will want to use location based keywords such as “Jacksonville driving school.”

When it comes to driving school marketing tips, SEO cannot be emphasized more. If you own a driving school in Florida your business should show up on the first page of Google. If this happens, you will see a huge increase in sales.

The first and most important step in “getting to the front page” is to make sure that relevant and meaningful keywords are on every page of your website.

The magic of Google happens when you type in what you are looking for and it pops up immediately. Your website should include relevant keywords like “driving school near me,” “driver’s ed,” “driving school in Jacksonville” etc. on the appropriate pages.

If you think you are utilizing all of the correct keywords, you should also remember to add H1 and H2 tags and descriptions. SEO requires patience and an open mind. Your business depends on it.

Pay Per Click — PPC

PPC refers to pay per click. According to Google, after purchasing a PPC ad, your driving school will “be seen by your customer base at the very moment they are searching on Google for the things your business offers.” This means you will only pay when the customer clicks to visit your website or calls in. There are tons of PPC ad platforms you can utilize however Google Adwords is the most widely known.


There are many benefits to running PPC ads and PPC marketing.

  • Fast results
  • Measurable results
  • Reach the right audience
  • Take advantage of business opportunities
  • Brand recognition

Your website will get organic traffic over time. Organic traffic comes from improving your SEO.

PPC ads can be launched relatively quickly and the results can be impressive. A good scale to keep in mind would be an average spend budget of $1,000 a month. Generating $17-$25 in sales for every $1 spend on Google Adwords.

Google PPC: Search and Display ads

There are multiple types of PPC ads, the two most popular on Google being search and display. Driving schools are local, so the search ad option will produce the best results. So when customers search your specific keywords you paid ad search should be on the front page.

By choosing the right keywords and linking to the correct relevant pages on your website, you can pop up #1 on Google.

Email Marketing

Email marketing it one of the cheapest ways to reach customers or potential customers. Also, and email marketing campaign can be extremely quick, you can think of a campaign in the morning and have the email sent out to thousands by noon. While email marketing is easy it is also very targeted.

Of all the marketing tips, email marketing is the cheapest. Think of it as fishing in a small pond with a big net, as opposed to a small net in a big pond. Your driving school can increase brand awareness, offer sales promotions, regularly communicate with your customers, and so much more all through emails. One of the biggest benefits is that there is no postage, printing, or production costs.

How to grow your email list

Out of all the marketing tips, email marketing gets the highest response rates. That is because you can stay in contact with old customers while also reaching new customers. How? By continuously building your email master list.

You can build your master list by adding a “Contact Us” pop-up box on the homepage of your website. Also, be sure to collect email addresses when customers register for your services.

Event Marketing

Event marketing gives you the most in-person exposure to the community and prospective clients. Simply put, setting up a table with brochures and information at community events will get people thinking about you. On a more targeted side, this means getting in front of your customers – parents and high school aged teens.

High School Events

Becoming a business partner with local high schools can prove to very beneficial. Ask to attend and set up at the next football game. These events are great to drum up business especially during National Teen Driver Safety Week (October) and homecoming and prom weeks.

There are many benefits to attending these sort of events. It gives you driving school exposure to your main customer base. Offering giveaways is also a great way to build your master email list.

You don’t want to fish in a big pond with a small net. Instead streamline, and save your time and money and target customers. Keep these four things in mind and watch your driving school grow.

  1. SEO
  2. PPC
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Event Marketing