As marketers, we at Custom Design Partners find ourselves working with a vast array of clients. From a local plumber, to national consulting firms, we assist each clients on a one-on-one basis and create personalized marketing plans to suit their needs. One emerging industry that we are currently working with is local food preparation companies. If you’re in the business, check out our marketing and software page for meal prep companies. If you’re unfamiliar with the industry, it’s simple: you go onto a website, you order your meals for the next week, and they are delivered to you hot and fresh daily. Our team has had the luxury of taste testing the food from several meal prep businesses, and we were pleasantly surprised. These types of businesses normally cater to a specific type of niche:

  • Meals for Body Building (bulking and cutting)
  • Luxury, high class meals
  • Healthy Cuisine
  • Sweets (delivered dessert? Yes please!)

Keep in mind, these are different from the meal KIT delivery companies, which your food is delivered to you uncooked and you are required to prepare it yourself. Meal prep companies are almost always locally owned (with the exception of a few chains in larger cities) which means there tends to be quite a bit of competition. Do a quick search for your area and examine how many (if any) food prep companies are operating. Market/Competitive research is the first step if you’re planning on getting your feet wet with this business.

TIP: Of course, this is assuming you have the proper culinary experience, funding, and especially passion. Starting a business is a big deal. Ultimately, 90% of startups fail.

If you feel that there isn’t much competition in your city (or, if you believe you can out-compete), start combing through other food prep websites and look at what their prices are and how their ordering process works. Decide if you want to specialize in a niche (body building, health, luxury, etc). Once your plan is set and stone, time to get cooking (keep in mind local laws/regulations/FDA guidelines for selling food).

Once you start building up your client base, you will certainly need to start marketing and outcompeting. Check out our services page to see all the digital marketing services we offer.  If you have any questions regarding meal preparation software, custom relationship management (CRM) programs, or marketing plans for your meal preparation, contact us. If you are just starting in the business or already ahead of the game- we can assist from software integration, all the way to outranking your competitors. We’ll help guide you in the right direction- no strings attached.