Smart Home Contractor Marketing Ideas

The smart home solutions market is a brand new industry with numerous challenges. Data from Consumer Technology Association shows that the connected home devices retail market has taken in a steadier stream of smart devices and systems introductions. However, retail sales are suffering due to the systems complexity, market fragmentation, slow consumer adoption and lack of education. The following tips should help you succeed in your smart homes solutions marketing.


Use sign up forms to capture emails


Set up sign up forms on your business website to collect names and email addresses from the interested customers. The steady flow of new contacts from the forms will provide you with a list of people to contact. The effort of creating an email list should proceed.


Automate welcome emails


Among the first marketing items you require to automate your welcome email is a sign up form. And because every new contact should receive a welcome email, you have to automate it. You can use the services that automatically add contacts to your list, such as VerticalResponse Sign Up Form, when collecting email addresses. Go into your account, make a welcome email and set it up to send warm greetings in 48 hours. Ensure that every new contact receives a welcome email while they are still interested. Use the welcome email to outline the prerequisites of receiving emails from your company and links that direct the customers back to your website.


Send event reminders


If you have any big promotion or event coming up, set up an email series that can remind your customers about it. For instance, if you are hosting a free consultations day, set up at least three emails to send to your customers automatically. The first email should describe the event fully, the second should remind them to sign up for specific time slots before others have booked.  The third email should encourage them to take advantage of the remaining openings and add incentives such as free coffee or tea. Create the three emails ahead of time and send them over a two week period. Also, link back the emails to your website.


Reward loyal customers


Pull out names of your loyal customers and make automated email campaigns that focus on rewarding them. Write emails that thank the repeat customers and provide something in return. Perhaps, it is a voucher for free services, 10% off coupon or a chance to be the first person to try a new product or discounted shipping. Set the automated email to go out after every three or six month period as a way of encouraging your loyal customers to buy more.


Encourage active customers to purchase again and refer you


Automate your email series to entice the most recent buyers to purchase again. After a customer has signed up for your services or has purchased an item, you should add him/her in a group and make an automated email series for them. A quick example, use the first email to thank them for purchasing and highlight the additional merchandise you already have in stock.  Use the second email to offer discounts on similar products or to announce the arrival of new accessories. Even more, you can use the second email as a gift guide that highlights the hottest items that you offer.