Why SSL?

Did you know that SSL forms the backbone of secure internet? And even though it does not handle the sensitive information such as credit cards, it protects your websites. SSL provides critical security, privacy and data integrity for both the users’ personal information and your website.

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Is your website secure and safe?

First, what does SSL stand for?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is a type of security for websites that handle more sensitive information like phone numbers, customer names, credit card numbers and addresses. SSL basically secures the connection between the customer’s website browser and all servers he/she is interacting with. If you are currently selling goods or services through a website, you should use SSL because it ensures your customers’ information security and their privacy.

  • Increase website security with SSL certificate
  • Build authority and trust
  • Secure your site for payment processing
  • Avoid Google penalty
  • Protect valuable data

Benefits of

Secure your online assets

How SSL Certificates Work

SSL certificate has one primary purpose: encrypting information to ensure that only the intended parties can read and understand it. Mostly, information people submit through internet forms passes through many computers before reaching the final destination. Even more, the chances of a third party accessing it highly depend on the total number of stops it makes. Whenever new information is passed on, the SSL certificate has to add random characters into this information therefore making it incomprehensible by individuals without the right encryption key. The information is therefore unreadable and useless if it winds up in the hands of a third party. Any customer visiting your website will know whether you have SSL in place in various ways. For example, a customer will know that the encryption is in place if “https” replaces the “http” protocol. That alone should show that the web page is backed up by other visual cues and secure. The lock image situated somewhere in the customer’s computer location or status bar should be the other indicator. The modern savvy online shoppers have to check the things before proceeding with any online purchase.

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Provides authentication

When running an online business, you have to ensure that all information you hold on your website, including your customer information, heads to the right server without any interception. After obtaining the SSL certificate, you will also receive another form of protection known as server certificate. The certificate works as the mediator between SSL servers and browsers to prove that the provider of SSL certificate can be trusted. Customers are also able to view all the documents to validate the sites SSL certificate up datedness and that the website page they are about to enter their personal information on is the real – not a replica.

Important when accepting payments

To comply with Payment Card Industry, any online business has to employ SSL certificate with encryption greater than 128-bit. Even more, PCI standards have verified that SSL certificates should be from trusted sources, utilise the right encryption strength and offer private connections on all pages that need your customers to input their personal information. Without such a certificate, you cannot take any credit card payment.

Prevents Phishing

Phishing emails mostly feature links that direct unsuspecting customers to convincing replication of otherwise reputable sites. Mostly, the replica sites are disguised as shipping or advertisements confirmations. The primary goal of the emails is to gather the customers’ credit card information for their malicious use. However, with authentic SSL certificate, individuals who create the fake sites will have difficult time trying to obtain customer information. Whenever a customer does not see a security sign on your site, he/she will navigate away without providing any information.

Contributes To Your Brand's Power

In addition to the SSL certificates, companies that provide them also provide site seals and images indicating that SSL certificate encryption is already in use. The branded icons display provides customers with higher assurance level that their information is safe regardless of the number of customers it has to pass through.

Improved Customer Trust

The elements function together to build trust between a business and its customers. By providing your customers with the relevant information and the best ways of verifying their security helps ensure positive buying experience and confidence. It is evident that SSL certification has many benefits. Therefore, going through all the steps necessary to obtaining trusted certificate is necessary. Operating without one will deter your customers from making payments online. Every online shopper wants to know that his/her sensitive personal information is safe.

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