Use Pinterest to Drive More Traffic to Blog Posts.

Unlike most other contemporary social environments which are seemingly hell-bent on increasing features, Pinterest did one thing and did it perfectly. They adopted the less is more culture which initially propelled Twitter and Google Search to the top level. Its intuitive interface ensures ease of use. Without that, it would never have reached the target audience of non-technical crafters and fashion enthusiasts. Its focused features have made it drop-dead simple. But how should you use it to drive more traffic to your blog posts? The following tips should help you.

How to

Use Pineterst for your business.

Pin the best blog posts

You can pin your blogs to Pinterest in three primary ways. You can use a social media sharing plugin, the “Pin It” button or add pins directly from Pinterest. However, if you made several images in a single blogpost that you would not like to include in the main blog post, upload them directly to Pinterest and then link to the post. Alternatively, you can use Pinterest’s share button or your web browser to add pins to Pinterest.

Verify your blog

You can only view clicks, saves for pins and re-pins from your blog if you have linked your blog to Pinterest. To link your website or blog, you have to use website verification feature on the Pinterest settings.

Pin relevant content only

All your pins and boards should reflect your blog messages. If you pin things that are unrelated to your blog, you are likely to get more followers who are uninterested with your blog posts. Your primary goal is to drive more and more traffic from Pinterest to your blog. You should therefore work to attract the individuals who are interested in your blog posts solely.

Use Secret Boards

Pinterest refers to secret boards as private boards. Not everyone can see them – only you and a few collaborators. With a secret board, you can therefore pin whatever you want, including when the pin is unrelated to your blog posts. To build a secret board, flip the “Keep Secret” switch when creating or editing a board. You can change public boards to private at any time.

Use Pinterest Group Boards

Group boards will help you reach more people within a shorter period. In addition to connecting with other people who might be willing to read your content, you will also expose your pins to some other board collaborators. They might see your pins and re-pin them on their personal boards. In other words, you will be able to reach a larger audience.

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