Paid Ad Management

Paid ad management includes a wide array of services such as:

  • Google, Bing and Yahoo PPC (pay per click) ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Remarketing Ads
  • Native Advertising

The route a business takes when involving paid ad management into their strategy depends on short and long term goals. Some businesses thrive with Facebook ads while failing with Google ads. Our experts will examine your business's industry, analyze market competitors and weighing your business's needs.

Our team has managed half a million dollars of ad spend within the last 2 years for our clients. We've worked with small coffee shops increase sales through Facebook ads and worked with state-wide mortgage companies increase customer acquisition through Google ads. Get in touch with us and we'd be happy to offer a free consultation and answer any questions you may have regarding paid ad management.

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Pay Per Click Advertising is the process by which a company literally pays for every time somebody clicks on their website. Examples of this are Google sponsored links and Facebook sponsored posts. Every time you click on one of these sponsored links, the company must pay the search engine a fee.

This strategy is a great example of the scalable capacity of the Internet because it allows a company to set a budget, timeframe and target specific groups of people for their advertisement. Since search engines such as Google and Yahoo are often defaulted as most Internet users’ home screens, it is very beneficial to be visible and accessible here. Companies such as eBay and Amazon fight with their dollars every day to be the top sponsored link on Google searches for electronics, jewelry and pretty much anything else that you can buy online. With this strategy, having more money to spend on Pay Per Click Advertisements will create a competitive advantage for your company.

Pros: easy to accomplish, scalable capacity, you get exactly what you pay for
Cons: not viewed favorably by consumers, barrier to entry ($$), requires expert configuration to provide positive ROI

Our Services

Paid Ad Management Services

The insight that Web analytics gives to marketers is unprecedented in the history of commerce.

This knowledge is used in refining the process of segmenting and targeting the market and positioning the product. It has never been easier and cheaper to have access to demographic and geographic information. Marketers use this information to see who will be most receptive to their products and where these people are concentrated. Using tools of Google AdWords and Facebook Ads it is now possible to target ads to very specific groups of people (for example Men with a degree in Engineering who live near Jacksonville). The Internet has made it incredibly easy to target directly to your target audience and minimize wasting money advertising to people who are not interested or will never use the product (for example advertising the latest engineering software in a blog for teenage girls). Companies and marketers use web analytics to create very unique products and services and target them directly at people who will use them.

Google Adwords Display

Display Ads

Get your ad in front of targeted audiences while they are browsing related websites and reading the news online.

Social Media Ads

Place hypertargeted ads for your business in the social media channels of your current and future customers

Search Engine Ads

Advertise and promote your business to relevant audiences on Google, Bing, Yahoo and more.

Video Ads

Create and place eye catching video advertisements on many different channels. Ask us how!

Remarketing Ads

Specifically target audiences that have already interacted with your business online. Maximize your advertising budget and make sure your message is heard loud and clear.

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Custom Design Partners increased our client acquisition by nearly 80% in just 4 months. As a mortgage company, we needed qualified homebuyers to contact our sales team. Custom Design Partners moved our website to the #2 spot in Google for highly competitive keywords.

Rey Lopez

Custom Design Partners increased our client acquisition by nearly 80% in just 4 months. As a mortgage company, we needed qualified homebuyers to contact our sales team. Custom Design Partners moved our website to the #2 spot in Google for highly competitive keywords.

Colonial First Mortgages

Very knowledge and quick to help. I was stuck paying the wrong people but C.D.P got me going in the right direction… They really opened my eyes to a lot of things my small business was lacking, and got us on track with our search engine optimization.. highly recommended!

Zachary L

The team at CustomDesignPartners are very responsive and helped launch our financial lead generation campaigns. Our results were great, and if something needed to be fixed, it would be done immediately. Awesome digital marketing agency.

Michael Benhayon

Custom Design Partners has greatly increased traffic to our website and educated us on how to generate more high-quality leads. This company does professional work quickly and is genuinely enthusiastic about helping their customers’ businesses grow. Very knowledgeable in the areas of SEO, marketing, social media advertising and more.

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A Guide to Native Advertising

Perhaps, you have noticed native advertising being talked about on the digital marketing scene. Why is this happening? It is happening because native advertising is helping companies advertise their services and products and increase sales and productivity.

First, what is native advertising?

Native advertising is a specific type of online marketing characterized by un-obstructive and streamlined ads placement. This pay per click option is also accompanied by valuable and targeted information targeted to specific audiences.

Marketers place native ads seamlessly on their websites to avoid disrupting the audience’s experience. They may therefore place the ads in between paragraphs and do not promote products or services directly – native ads do not appear like the traditional ads. Native advertisers use interesting and relevant information to engage the readers they are targeting.

Why should you start utilizing native advertising?

Within the last few years, countless marketers and publishers have started including native advertising in their digital marketing strategies. Statistics show that around 32% of CMOs have already bought native video advertising and around three-quarters of publishers in the United States have already provided native ads on their websites.

Moreover, native advertising spending on social media sites may reach $2.36 billion or around 38.9% of the total paid social media ads expenditure in the United States. Social media native advertising spending is likely to grow to $4.57 billion and the share of social media ads expenditures may hit 41.7%. We can attribute the statistics to the many benefits of native advertising. The following are some of the benefits:

  • The ads capture consumer attention very effectively. Because native ads have a different appearance than traditional ads, they engage audiences in a better way.
  • Native ads include valuable content and therefore they are shareable. That significantly amplifies their reach.
  • The ads build stronger relationships through furthering interactions between the brand and the target consumers. Any business that connects its native ads with media outlets and target audiences has a better chance of having its content shared.
  • Native ads work best on mobile platforms. Marketers host them on third party websites’ primary content areas. In other words, the ads can be deployed across various devices such as desktop computers, smartphones and tablets. That significantly increases their reach.
  • The ads also pave the way for deep and rich engagement levels between the consumers and the brands. They are more informative than traditional ads, which are known to interrupt the consumers. Native ads attract speculative consumers in a much improved way.

Native advertisements on social media platforms

Most people like placing their native advertisements through Twitter and Facebook ads. Even though Twitter ads are not as effective as Facebook ads, they still work. And because the two networks have targeted traffic, you can target audiences by location, demographics and interests. In addition, you can target hashtags, keywords and fan pages including in particular mobile phones.

Native advertisements should be unique to their platforms. When using the ads on Facebook or Twitter, you should ensure that they feel and look like other posts on the platform. To achieve that, use educational videos that offer tips and finally offer books, courses or physical products. A quick example: when advertising your kitchen knives, use videos that teach various food preparation techniques and also offer coupons for the knives.