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The meal prep and delivery industry is an emerging and booming market which continues to grow day by day. The industry is becoming more competitive as new business enter the field. What separates your meal preparation company from the rest? Custom Design Partners works specifically with meal prep businesses and help customize a comprehensive strategy that integrates CRM software and marketing to stand apart and outshine your competitors.

Enable online ordering with a customer relation management system.

Depending on the type of foods you sell, you might have established an eCommerce property. That is important particularly if you package your edibles and you can easily ship them. And if your products need to be served within the same day of preparation, online ordering will highly benefit your business. Research shows that both businesses and customers are ready to use electronic payment methods and the available digital self-service ordering. If you are looking for a CRM for meal prep businesses, we have the perfect solution.

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Outperform your Competition with Hypertargeted Marketing and a Tailored, Seamless CRM system

Meal Prep and Meal Delivery Businesses have popped up all over the world in the last decade, solving the problem of healthy eating for workaholics and people on the go. A booming industry like yours is full of competition and the best way to stay ahead of them is through targeted online marketing strategies and streamlined software designed for your business. We create custom digital strategies to help meal prep businesses with social media, pay per click ads and search engine optimization. Your industry has unique problems and we have specialized solutions. Set your online presence and your CRM on autopilot so you can spend more time making new recipes and serving your clients.

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Promoting Your Meal Prep Company

Good food, deliverable, reliable services with a positive attitude. But what about promoting, marketing and streamlined software? 

When it comes to watching your business grow and make money, a full marketing plan isn’t necessarily vital. What’s most important is thinking about how you, as a brand and company, will organically attract customers. After first choosing a name you can stand by, one that draws attention to potential customers, you should start considering which modern marketing channel you will pursue.

Up until the last few years, food businesses solely relied on print media reviews, walk-in traffic, and word of mouth promotion. However in this current digital age, customers have a lot more control in the content they hear about. Information is so easily accessible that the customer decides what information they access and make detailed decisions each time they make an online purchase. Here are some marketing strategies that you can apply in your food prep business today. According to Business Insider, the meal prep industry is ‘blowing up.’ Whether you’re interested in starting your own or upgrading your already established company, now’s the perfect time to start. 

Show off your success on all the popular social media sites

The National Restaurant Association recently published statistics showing that approximately 90% of restaurateurs utilize social media platforms in their marketing campaigns. The fact that around 28% of consumers rely on social media to decide where to eat is the primary cause for this huge statistic. Even though most people use social media platforms to interact with each other, on Pinterest, the interactions are based on interests. Now more than ever, food is the most searched for and pinned niche on Pinterest’s platform.  Even though your company is not explicitly a restaurant, you need to be taking every possible step to ensure your presence on social media. When it comes to online marketing, meal prep and delivery businesses should be utilizing social media to display their unique recipes and the loyal customers who enjoy their food every day. The options are endless, but it is worth saying that bonus points go to businesses with fitness and nutrition gurus who endorse your delivery business over your competitors. There’s always a way to boost your social media presence to higher numbers! 

Publish relevant content

Share your expertise and establish authority in your niche market. With so much competition, always be looking for your edge in the market by constantly publishing relevant content. Google will rank you higher on their search engine results pages if your content is helpful to the user. Put differently, your content should provide value to your audiences by addressing their needs. What’s more, the users are likely to share the content with their peers who might come for more from time to time. Organic growth is your best ally in the online marketing system. Start by posting a few food preparation tips and then post pictures of your favorite dishes. Always be positive, always be posting. 

Utilize niche food photo communities

Photo sharing communities are more effective when it comes to promoting your small food brand. The most popular photo sharing site, Pinterest, will help you reach more super-targeted communities, some of which you might not even know about. Other platforms to use include Purple, Instagram, Foodily, Kitchen Artistry, flickr and dishPal. Even though some of the platforms have smaller reach, individuals there are aware of what they need and your presence on those websites show your potential customers that you care about all of them.

Go mobile

People are ready to prepare their meals when at home. But when out, particularly in unfamiliar areas, they mostly turn to their smartphones for advice. Ensure that your website looks great on mobile devices, so that it can attract more prospective customers. Utilize some of the available tools to make a mobile friendly website that is friendly to your customers.

Optimize your website for local search

Did you know that Google receives more than two billion searches per month? That might sound like a big number to most individuals because it is quite a big number. Moreover, most of the searches employ location-related keywords. Therefore, publish content about your location to ensure that customers in your area are seeing your business in their search results. Mention the name of your city, the zip code and the neighboring region. You can also include the related businesses within your area and any relevant events that take place around you. Ensure that your business appears in as many local directories as possible.

To increase your customers, you might also need to consider other alternative service methods such as grab n’ go, breakfast in the classroom or breakfast after the first period. The methods will help you prove to your customers that you care about their health and convince them to make the necessary changes. The methods will also help you sell your products faster regardless of how you have set them up.  Make sure your business is listed on Yelp, Google My Business and any other online directory you can possibly muster!

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