Use LinkedIn In B2B Marketing For More Leads

LinkedIn is a large professional social network with many users across the world. Statistics show that at least 53 million individuals use the platform on a daily basis.

The Power Of


In B2B Marketing

LinkedIn is a great place to start networking professionally, find and post jobs, build thought leadership and even answer questions. Probably, it is also an obvious way of identifying influential individuals at particular organisations. Searches on LinkedIn for target businesses will mostly lead you to individuals you have already connected with directly or through other platforms. Moreover, LinkedIn is a better tool that will help leverage your contacts to connect with individuals and reach more prospective customers online.

  • Build Your Network
  • Find Local Professional Groups
  • Generate Leads Through Personal And Company Pages
  • Create Blog Posts Linking Back To Your Website
  • Learn From Others In Your Industry

How to

Build Meaningful B2B Relationships With LinkedIn

Some LinkedIn strategies to employ in Business to Business (B2B) marketing

Recently, LinkedIn morphed from a small professional networking platform to force to be reckoned with. After its start, B2B marketers have tried to utilize it in the best way to promote their work and grow their networks. With millions of professionals using the network, it is not hard to open doors and create leads. You can stumble upon leads leads but if you want to start prospecting the LinkedIn way, you have to involve the right people in your marketing. Statistics show that LinkedIn contributes over 80% of the total social media leads in businesses. The contribution of other social networks only amount to 19% of the leads. The following tips should help you leverage LinkedIn in a better way.

Turn your company pages into lead generation pages

To generate more leads from LinkedIn, you should be intentional. Leads will not easily fall onto your lap; you work for them. A great idea is to build company or business pages that will generate leads. Such pages are course reversals from typical company pages which show basic facts and information about your company. People are unlikely to read such information. The company page should be the pipeline for more LinkedIn leads to land onto your company website. You can easily structure the company page in a way that it will lead up to conversion actions. Conversion actions are a click through to the website in recent updates or company description. Start by using images that get more attention or generate more interest. Header images are known to be the first way of attracting user interest. That is exactly what Hubspot has been doing with their company’s header images. What’s more, header images are a better way of prospecting for individuals interested in learning about your customised marketing. Every marketer’s aim is to get quick responses. The image grabs your audience’s attention and makes them eager to find out more about you.

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Build an inviting business description

The business description should not solely explain about growth and the number of offices you have already opened. Instead, speak to the target audience and encourage them to do business with you. The most important part of the description is the first two lines because that is what LinkedIn displays. To read the other part, the user will have to click the “See More” button. Grab the user with the first two sentences or otherwise they will not read the rest.

Use the update section

If a prospective customer does not click through your business’s website on the information section, you should work to invite them in other sections like the Updates section. Provided that you will regularly post updates, you will have active and engaging feeds. Aim all your updates at your prospective customers.

Build a showcase page

LinkedIn has already build shoawcase pages for businesses to start promoting their individual brands which are also extensions of their business. Showcase pages are a better way of segmenting inbound LinkedIn traffic. After creating a business unit that you can directly connect to specific target audiences, you will be in a better position of making a Showcase page. To do that, click “Edit” from the company page and then “Create a Showcase Page.” LinkedIn has specifically made Showcase Pages for B2Bs because they generate more leads. The Showcase page should target a particular segment of customers.

Use the LinkedIn advanced search feature

LinkedIn’s advanced search feature provides businesses with a better way of identifying the people to target in their marketing. From the platform’s header menu, click on the search people icon and then the advanced option. The feature does not only apply to the upgraded LinkedIn membership. It is there to help you narrow down every search.

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