Facebook for business: How can businesses use Facebook effectively?

Facebook is the largest social network in the world boasting 1.37 billion active users who log in daily. If you are wondering how Facebook can benefit your business continue reading and learn about the many opportunities for businesses on Facebook.

Create and Foster


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Step 1: Build a Facebook page for your business

Facebook pages are free marketing tools that can benefit any business. A page will allow your business to identify itself by listing services and product offerings. With a page, you can also share images, links and any other post to provide a better idea of the personality and character of your business.

When creating your business Facebook page, you should start by researching on your potential customers. Some would like to see videos, social media images while others will want to see more external links. Everything you display should be connected to the business.

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How to

Build a community around your business with Facebook

Use Facebook Classic Ads To Your Advantage

Facebook has been offering unique advertising opportunities with the Facebook ads that appear on their side columns. Most individuals refer to the classic adds as the Marketplace ads. They consist of a headline, a click-through link to the business website, Facebook app or the Facebook page. With the Facebook Classic ads, you can increase your Facebook page likes and the website clicks.

Host A Facebook Contest

By running Facebook sweepstakes and contests or promotions, you will increase your brand awareness and the fans base. However, you have to keep in mind that you cannot host the contests through Facebook. In other words, you cannot ask for likes as entries nor have people write answers as comments. For the contest to be successful, you should use a third-party app to make the Facebook contest. After that, you should direct the app from your Facebook page.

Use Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

This is the newest feature from Facebook that allows advertisers to reach their prospective customers. The feature provides a new advertising service that permits advertisers to retarget their audience and bid depending on their browsing history. In other words, the Facebook Exchange feature allows marketers to target individuals who have already shown interest in their products or services depending on their most recent website visits. Facebook is currently the most popular social media platform globally. Therefore, it should form part of your primary marketing channels. Use it to market to fans and get more customers.

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Use Graphic Design To Make Your Page Stand Out

If you would like your Facebook business page to be different from that of others and maintain the theme of your business, you have to customize the way it looks. The cover photo and profile photos are also great opportunities to bring attention to a promotion or specific product/service. Effective Facebook marketing includes adding new cover and profile photos regularly that maintain the theme and voice of the business while showcasing different aspects.

Describe Your Business, Hours and Location

As a business on Facebook you want to take advantage of every opportunity to describe the products or services you are offering and why you are the best at what you do. Hours, location, phone number and website can all be included and this information should be accurate and current.

Use Facebook Ads For Promotions

Facebook introduced Promoted Ads with the aim of helping business owners increase their target customer base. Some business owners believe that every individual who has liked their page should see every post or image they share. That is not true. Your customers are busy people who do not spend every minute on the Facebook’s newsfeed. If your fan happens to be reading the news on Facebook, they are likely to see your story immediately you post it. However, their newsfeed is also likely to be swamped by many other posts which may prevent them from seeing yours. With the Promoted Posts feature, Brand Page owners can pay $100 to push their content to a larger audience than normal. Facebook uses a complex EdgeRank algorithm to decide on the content their users should see on their newsfeed.

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