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Custom Design Partners works directly with 501 (c)(3) charity and nonprofit organizations in efforts to increase the number of donors and frequency of donations. There are not enough charitable organizations that utilize digital marketing to their full potential and we'd like to help your organization thrive and help even more people through comprehensive marketing strategies.

Online companies such as Microsoft and Google offer hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of complementary equipment, software and services to aid non-profit corporations, yet many are not familiar how to take advantage of these offers. There is an average of a 20% annual donation increase when using effective digital marketing strategies for your charity. Give us a call or message us and we'd be glad to get you started- no strings attached.

Digital Marketing for Charities is the new, modern way of collecting donations for your organization. Talk to us to learn more about the numerous benefits of marketing online.

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How Will Digital Marketing Help My Charity?

In a recent survey, nearly 70% of owners of charitable organizations claim they are not using digital marketing to their full potential. On the contrary, close to 70% of all charitable donations are made via the internet! We attribute this to there not being enough information accessible about modern marketing and not enough companies that offer marketing services to nonprofits.

Allow Custom Design Partners to be your charity digital marketing resource and help your organization do more good in the world!

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Digital Marketing Grants For Charities

Your charity organization could qualify for grants from tech companies such as Google and Microsoft that offer free softwares and advertising credits to nonprofits. Custom Design Partners is here to guide you through this process and help your organization uncover more opportunities and freebies. Taking advantage of these grants and employing modern online strategies can help your organization grow and be able to fulfill all of its goals.

Custom Design Partners will assist your organization in accessing charity digital marketing grants for free. Contact us to get started!

Here are a few examples of how we’ve helped charities increase their donation rate by 20% in only several months:

  • $120,000 of free advertising – Our team connects charities and big bussinesses that give away totally free advertising credit.
  • Ad Management – With years of paid ad management, our team targets search engine keywords for people that are more likely to donate to your cause.
  • Social Media Events – Facebook allows you to hypertarget indivduals that are interested in the same cause of your organization.
  • Email Campaigns – One of the most important strategies is consistent email marketing to your donor base to run charity drives and meet donation goals.
  • Website Optimization – Having an optimized website, easy to navigate and explains your organization clearly increases the chances of donations.

Comprehensive Strategies to Grow your Nonprofit and Boost Awareness

Have any questions about getting qualified for Google's marketing grant? We'll help- no strings attached! Contact us below or call: 904 318 3116

Digital and Internet Marketing Tips for Nonprofits and Charities

Call to Actions

Call to Actions (CTA’s) are buttons, forms and ‘actions’ that users take on a website to perform an action. For this case, in particular, we’ll call this the ‘donate’ button. As you might imagine, there is a science that goes behind where CTA’s should be placed on a website. For example, some users are more likely to take an action if the button or form is on the top right of the page. Sometimes specific colors can be used to draw the user’s attention towards areas you want an action to take place. We’ve noticed that when CTA’s are properly used and optimized there is an increase in the average donations of 5%, simply because the ‘donate’ button was placed in varying locations on the webpage.

Website Optimization

Having a modern and optimized website is crucial to the success of a nonprofit. If your website has broken pages, a clunky layout, or an unprofessional look, it’s likely that you will be missing out on very important donations and contributions for your charity. In today’s technologically driven society, internet-based donations have a direct correlation with the quality of your website. Users want to be able to trust the organization they are donating to, as they should. With a sleek, professional and educational website, you greatly enhance the chance a user makes a donation. Appearance builds trust- and as a charity, you need that trust.

Using Social Media

From the research we’ve done in the industry, very few charities utilize social media to their advantage. It is crucial that your organization has active Twitter and Facebook pages that are constantly and confidently sharing content, generating comments and having conversations within their page. If a potential donor looks at your Facebook page that hasn’t been updated in a few years, their hesitancy to contribute to your cause will likely spread amongst the rest of your contributors. Furthermore, Facebook Ads are one of the most powerful advertising platforms on the internet. For a quick example, consider you own an organization that saves abused dogs in Jacksonville, Florida. Using Facebook’s audience targeting, you could display ads to ‘animal lovers’ located in ‘Jacksonville, Florida’ that are interested in ‘nonprofits and charities’. Hypertargeting your donor’s demographics with Facebook will increase donations, boost awareness, and spread your cause!

We will help your nonprofit receive free or discounted softwares and digital enterprise services to charity organizations

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