Here are the trends to look out for in Search Engine Optimization this year.  2018 will be no different than any other year with changes being made to search engine algorithms moving the progression of SEO practices.

Digital assistants and voice search

Information processing has been changed and modified via the advent of voice search technology. Digital assistants are on the rise and there is no doubt that it is a development that will change how search queries are being carried out. As discovered by Google, 1 in every 5 searches performed is voice search such as Siri or Alexa.

This will have the search market changed in a great way. We are anticipating more of voice search in the year 2018. If you are having an seo strategy setup, there will be lots of emphases on long tail keywords as well as natural language which matches the tone of users’ conversations.

Link building

This will not be on the decline in the year 2018. What will rather be expected is a reliable strategy that will be aiming to have quality links built. Having new links built will not be necessary most especially once they aren’t contributing anything towards you being an authority in your given niche.

This does not imply that those backlinks which are of high quality do always come from websites that are popular. What it means is that you have to look for a way to connect to those authority websites which are in your niche. Referral traffic still does have a role in the organic rankings of your website. Another thing which is useful is that you start considering the process of link building as a long term project.

This is why you will need to have your link building technique or strategy diversified thereby having to aim for a backlink profile which is complete instead of single links which can bring about successful results.

User Experience

This is going to become very vital in the year 2018. It has been emphasized by google that the users are the main aim and focus. Such will make majority of websites to deliver UX that is smooth for their visitors. When user experience is good, then visitors to a website will stay for as long as possible. Such will enable the search engines to determine the particular pages that tend to have more use for visitors.

The very first step amongst others is to have the speed of a website monitored. Its navigation structure as well as readability are also vital in this process. The search engines will try to show how all these variables can get improved on. You can get insights that are helpful through looking closely at your browsers’ habit. For instance, once people are visiting your site and not staying for longer periods, then the user experience will not be good enough to affect conversion rate in a positive way.

Quick answers and featured snippet

Featured snippets are increasing in popularity amongst companies. For a featured snippet to be gained, some specific combinations or factors will have to be entered. This has made seo to go beyond the traditional way of having sites ranked on Google.

In line with the opinion of Stone Temple Consulting, search queries on google show 30% of featured snippets. Graphs, tables and lists are very popular. Having content created in the format of Q&A can also be useful. These enable the extraction of information which can be displayed as featured snippet.

The normal structure is usually “what or how” and google is attempting in other to get search results organized. Also, it has been discovered that 32.3% increase of CTR in those results which do come up in answer box.

Such has prompted companies to research more regarding search intent as well as how their content can get optimized in other to be displayed in the answer box. When a strategy targeting answer box is well crafted, it will not only increase sales of a company’s brand, but also enable it to become an authority in the digital world.

Popularity of visual search

Visual search is one innovation that has taken the online world by storm. It aims to achieve better user experience that can take the results of businesses to the next levels.

The internet is getting focused visually by the day and this is why visual search should be explored. Popular search engines such as Google, Pinterest and Bing have started investing heavily in the project of having to develop visual search engines that are extremely powerful. This is a move to explore its potentials which is still green.

Machine learning and AI

Machine learning as well as artificial intelligence tend to be changing how search results do get ranked. It is also possible for how searches are done to be facilitated by machine learning. This will enable contextualized results to be found by users. It brings about an experience which is personalized. The popularity of digital assistants as well as voice search will develop the platform through which artificial intelligence can thrive in the digital world.

Improvement of seo in the year 2018

This is definitely and exciting year for seo. Those traditional methods of getting sites ranked aren’t out of place. However, getting results that are optimized calls for adoption of some of the trends mentioned above.

The bottom line is that seo is advancing beyond what it used to be. Therefore, having to rank number one isn’t the ultimate goal again. Just as search engines tend to be evolving, you will have lots of opportunities through which you can have search traffic increased. There will not be much need to emphasize on organic search engine ranking positions (SERPs).

The birth and rise of PPC, featured snippets, local seo and voice search will always produce results that are better when compared to organic ranking. This is perhaps why you need to be aware of the trends that are latest in other to enable your brand stay head of the others in your niche.