How to Survive Google’s 2018 Search Engine Algorithm Update

Each year Google has to update their algorithm. In the year 2014, they adopted HTTPS as a ranking signal. In 2015, they started prioritizing on mobile-friendly sites on their website ranking page. In 2017, they highly relied on HTTPS. And in 2018, they are focusing on website loading speed. Here are a few tips that will help you create a website that will always appear on the first page of Google search results.

Publish high quality content



Google stated that content is among their ranking factors in 2018, but what is good content from SEO point of view? Just as your vehicle needs fuel to move, your website content requires SEO strategies to rank on the first page of Google’s search engine.

And without any content, you will have a hard time developing your brand. Your content requires SEO to stand out among the many websites and blog posts that pop out after each day. Search engines do not hand out checklists for high quality content and that might never happen. Start with keyword research and the user intent research.

After you understand your audience, you will be able to develop quality content for your website.

Develop a mobile friendly site



Statistics show that the number of mobile internet users has been increasing rapidly. Over 50% of searches originate from mobile devices, which include smartphones and tablets. Some sectors witness higher proportions of mobile traffic than the others do.

To start seeing your website posts rank high on Google, you should develop a mobile friendly website. Such a step will put you ahead of your key competitors.

For your website to be mobile friendly, you have to work on its responsiveness. Ensure that everything including URL, images and HTML is consistent. You can also create a separate website for mobile devices and host it on a subdomain such as or a subfolder such as

Secure your website



Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) protects the confidentiality and integrity of the data flowing between a website and the user’s computer. It is among the factors that Google uses to identify the websites to rank on the first page of its search results. In addition to that, it helps protect the connections of users to your site irrespective of the content you have posted on your website. Creating and utilizing a SSL certificate on your website will ensure security on all devices and browsers.

HTTPS offers three primary layers of protections, including encryption, which keeps data secure from eavesdroppers. That means that no one can listen to conversations, track activities or steel information from users. Data integrity prevents corruption or modification of data during transfer and authentication proves that a user is communicating with the actual website.

Optimize the speed of your webpages

Website performance optimization is the focal point of website designs that are technologically superior. It also dictates the success for most online businesses. In fact, unimpressive website will kill your website in the end after.

That is after the slow loading web pages have highly tortured your website visitors to a point that they start looking for alternatives – you will agree that impatience is part of this digital world and speed is selling. To increase the load speed of your webpages, reduce the HTTP requests, reduce and combine files and select the best hosting option. Do not go for the cheapest hosting service because it might not be the best.