As mobile technology continues to develop causing people to spend more time on smartphones it has become necessary for websites to be functional and responsive on all kinds of screen sizes.
Surprisingly, there are many small to medium sized businesses that have outdated, non-responsive websites.  Lack of a mobile-friendly website could be causing you to miss out on a TON of business – stand out against the competition by having the most up to date website possible! 
What is responsive web design?  
A responsive website is one that has the ability to detect what type of device the visitor is using and then responds by adjusting design elements to the screen size of the device whether it be a smartphone, tablet or laptop.  Responsive websites deliver a streamlined experience for users across a variety of devices and screen sizes. As your customers view your site on devices, your website will adapt to create an optimized experience for the visitor.
Mobile Use Is On The Rise 
The world has seen a huge increase in internet penetration and that is partly due to the decreased cost of smartphones.  Companies like Metro PCS will sell a smartphone for as little as $20 or sometimes FREE! Increasingly, web users are choosing access web pages and apps on their phones because smartphones are often perceived as a faster way to access the Internet.  Responsive web design is imperative to online success when data shows over half of Google searches are made from a mobile device.
User Experience Is Key 
For most online consumers, a the functionality and appearance of a website make a lasting first impression. Studies show that 33% of Internet users leave a site if it is not responsive on their mobile device.  A robust social media and online ad presence is not truly optimized with out a fully functional and responsive website.  Google states that 53% of mobile Internet users will abandon a site when it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Our websites are Fast, Functional, and built with a robust backend to help you track leads and learn about your website traffic.  Maximize your ROI for your online ads and other marketing efforts by having a beautiful and responsive website!
Search Engines Prefer Responsive Websites 
Mobile responsive websites are rewarded with better search results by search engines such as Google and Bing. Modern search engine algorithms also award higher results for secure websites and up to date content.  We will set up your website so that it is optimized for performance on search engines and help you create and curate search engine friendly content by analyzing thousands of keywords.
An Investment For The Future 
A responsive website is not just an essential resource for today, but for tomorrow too. Mobile use is on the rise.  Make sure your website stands out against your competitors!