Project Description

Project Brief

Custom Design Partners works with a multi-branch mortgage firm in Florida. Our client was lacking acquiring clients online, so we customized a strategy to increase the amount of organic clicks to their website. Our first priority was optimizing the existing website to increase client conversions by adding more call to action functions throughout the webpage. Our team then researched extensively the competition and analyzed their tactics. Considering the lack of competition in Google search, we recommended Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for our clients. Our goal was to rank a very valuable keyword to the top 3 results on Google.

Reviewing the image shows results after 3 months of search engine optimization. Our team ranked our client’s landing page page #3 in a highly competitive industry. Website traffic increased 80% and client acquisition doubled.

Search Engine Optimization Results

In this instance, our client noticed results within the first month and saw final results at the 6th month. We were employed to rank other valuable keywords shortly after, all highly competitive mortgage keywords. Here are the results by the end of the 6th month:

Traffic Increase 76%
Increase in Customer Acquisition 57%
Net Company Increase 25%

SEO Model and Process

custom design partners seo strategy

Visible Results

Generally, most SEO experts will say not to expect results within 60 days. However, through this particular case study, our client saw clear and positive results within just 4 weeks. Our client expanded their office by 6 employees to handle the additional workload. ROI- return on investment should always be the goal when utilizing digital marketing. We consider it a success when a client’s return is (substantially) larger than the investment

Excellent Results

Colonial Mortgages has been a client of Custom Design Partners for 3 years and continues to be to this day. SEO was a clear success for our clients, so we continued a wide array of projects- social media ads, online reputation management and remarketing to boost their business even further.