Improving Your PPC Reporting and Landing Page Strategy

Google Analytics are vital when running AdWords campaigns. The analytics allow you to understand the behavior of the traffic generated from your paid search immediately it lands on your website. That is vital in understanding and improving the conversion rates. Google Analytics offer various tools and reports to help you achieve that. These are the four main reports you can use to improve your PPC reporting and landing page strategy.

Keyword positions

With keyword position reports you can see how your AdWords traffic is behaving in different positions of the search engine result pages. That will help you understand the right place for your website on the search engine. Normally, your focus will be on getting conversions and that is why seeing the conversion rates is vital. Some positions lead to higher conversion rates.


Destinations URLs

The destination URL reports will provide you with information about the URLs that bring more traffic and revenue for your business. Try using secondary dimensions such as campaigns, keywords, ad groups to dig deep into the metrics. The destination URLs report will help you single out the ad group and identify the URLs you mostly direct your web traffic to. When testing several URLs, you will clearly see how each URL performs in comparison to the others.

Matched Search Queries

The Matched Search Queries report allows marketers to see onsite performance for every search query that triggered their ad. That is helpful because it assists in deciding on whether to exclude or add some search terms. At the basic levels, try using the reports to monitor the quality of website traffic. Your paid search might have lower time on site while that your competitors names are ranking high. The Matched Search Queries will definitely help you make better decisions.

Site Search

The Site Search Report feature involves tiny bits of set up. With the feature, you can track what people are searching on your website. The report will help you understand what the traffic already on your website is requires. As a paid search content manager, you will manage to segment your website visitors depending on their needs. Even more, you will see what they cannot find on your website. For example, you might be driving all your website traffic to blue T-shirts and most individuals are in need of white T-shirts. The reports should help you improve your customer’s satisfaction.


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