Gym Marketing Ideas for 2018

After opening a fitness club, the next thing you would expect to see is an increasing number of clients in your new facility. You might have spent a lot of money creating the facility, but without members, you are unlikely to see a profit. Good marketing strategies will help you get more clients. Here are a few tips to help you market your gym in 2018.

Organize weight loss challenges

A weight loss campaign with a starting date, weight goals, coaches and the end date will definitely work. Do not limit it to gym members. Invite others – they will be willing to pay.

Use blog posts to answer questions from members

Possibly, you have a list of questions that your gym members ask during classes. To help others, you should answer the questions on your blog and website too. Apart from the current members, your blog posts are likely to help future members. And if you want to take it one step further, make short videos. That is particularly important for gyms that have many technical exercises, where the movements are vital in completing workouts. The members and non-members will have a good resource to turn to from time to time.

Organize special events on the gym anniversary

Promise to reward at least the first 10 non-members that visit your gym on the gym anniversary. The special price will depend on the monthly membership cost and the type of fitness gym you operate. If your gym provides one-to-one personal training, it might be hard to provide six months free membership. Evaluate the membership and provide unique offers that will attract more people. After the first 20 people arrive, introduce them to trainers/coaches and give them a brief tour.

Offer free training

Start using your gym website to make landing pages where non-members can use Facebook, Twitter or email to receive one-to-one sessions with personal trainers or join in for classes. After someone has used any of the three methods to sign up for the free classes, they will leave their contact details behind. You can use the details to send them more information including after they have claimed the free training. Again, you have to use the free training to promise your target clients results.

Advertise workout routines

Keep a closer eye on the trends in the fitness world and provide new workouts while they are still hot. Market the workouts to your clients and use email newsletters and media updates to reach prospective clients. Any individual who gets interested in a workout that he/she heard about on TV or social media is likely to sign up. Use social media posts to promote every workout you provide in your gym.

Social media campaigns

Social media platforms allow you to connect with your prospective clients easily and cheaply. The most popular posts on the platforms, including Twitter and Facebook, are contests and promotions. By running a seasonal contest or promotion, you will get more people interested in your services. Use more hashtags and start following fitness trends for a wider reach and great impact. For maximum efficiency, you can use the available tools and services to automate your social media management.