Last week Facebook fully rolled out their brand new Explore Feed for desktop and mobile users.  The Explore Feed is meant to be an alternative to the Facebook News Feed that has been the bread and butter of the social network for some time now.  This new feed shows you top posts from related pages based on your network and interests.  To us, this new feature is very similar to the explore feature in Instagram that shows posts related to your previous likes and the pages that you are following.

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An interesting thing that we realized when scrolling through this new feed was that there were absolutely no ads being shows although every post was from a likeable Facebook Business Page.  We do not know if this lack of advertisements is temporary or if Facebook is offering users a feed without ads forever.


This new feed can actually be a huge advantage to pages that are producing high quality content regularly that has the potential to go viral.  We have seen firsthand the power of the Instagram explore feature that can bring tons of new followers to your page if the algorithms are in your favor and your post makes it on the feed.  Pages with very engaged audiences will probably see a boost to their post engagement through this new feature as their posts are shown to more people who are not following the page.  This also presents an opportunity for pages with smaller audiences to get viral level attention if they can create relevant content that really hits a homerun with a particular audience.


We are going to keep an eye on this new feature and see how it can benefit our clients and our own business pages.  Facebook probably has a bigger end goal with this new Explore Feed and we will be sure to keep you updated as it develops.