Nacho Analytics Works GoogleOur agency just purchased Nacho Analytics, released by SpyFu, which released last week. Extremely interested, we decided to do a case study review of this new product. A tool that allows you to get access to a competitor’s Google Analytics data. To ensure the data was accurate, I added my own site to Nacho Analytics and compared their data to our own. I have to say, their data is 95-98% on point (real time data, acquisition, behavior, conversions, goals, etc). However, because Nacho utilizes 3rd party data partners- mostly browser toolbar/browser extension traffic, similar to Alexa or SimilarWeb, it can only track desktop traffic- so keep that in mind. Regardless, it’s an extremely affordable and powerful way for competitor analysis by utilizing Google Analytics UI. There’s no doubt about it- this is new, proprietary and unique technology that is a game changer, thanks to the SpyFu team.

In just the first week of launching, they were forced to shut it down due to an overwhelming influx of users signing up. Currently, they are only allowing a small amount of users to signup daily, mostly referred by paying clients.

With Nacho Analytics, you don’t just get a backend panel, you ACTUALLY get your account added to an independent GA account with the competitor’s website. The data is not retroactive, so we’ve been reviewing over 24 hours worth of data. The amount of intel I’ve gained on one of my client’s competitors is absolutely invaluable- it’s groundbreaking. I’m almost dumbfounded- It’s affordable, easy, and a MUST have tool for any digital marketer. 

Being able to plug in a website (even the top 500’s, such as reddit or CNN, and even small, low volume competitors), look at real-time users, acquisition, setting up custom goals and user behavior is simply fantastic. In the last week, we’ve emailed or spoken to our clients about this new ‘proprietary’ technology while granting them access. It’s quite pleasing when I see a smile on my client’s face when they realize they have comprehensive analytical data on their main competitor.

Click here to check it out There’s a 7 day free trial, and, at the moment, there’s only a limited amount of accounts accepted per day- so get it while it’s hot.

Let us know your experiences with this crazy new tool!

Nacho Analytics Review

Real-time look at Nacho Analytics desktop traffic on a competitor.

Update 9/12/2018: Spyfu Re-Opens Registration for Nacho Analytics

Three days after its release, due to an overwhelming amount of signups, Nacho Analytics/Spyfu was unable to handle the volume of new customers. They paused signups for a several days and extended the free trial period. There’s clearly a lot of hype with this product. Since then, we’ve had more time to analyze competitors using the tool. One thing I do like is Nacho’s suggested setup goals you can place on your competition’s analytics. Check it out below:

Suggested goals for nacho analytics

On most websites we’ve added, Nacho has automatic suggested goals in their panel based on your competitor’s goals. I’m assuming this works by employing their crawler to find event tracking snippets in the website’s’ code. This is a fantastic feature because we can see what the competitor is tracking, and plus I don’t have to go crawling through the website’s code to find any GA event triggers. The amount of quality intel we gained on main competitors has been invaluable- we know what works and what doesn’t. And of course it’s extremely fun to comb through your competitor’s data!

Nacho also changed the setup of adding websites to their dashboard, making it much simpler. Before it was a bit complicated and cumbersome, but now all you need is a dedicated gmail account to manage all your properties. This means you have full access to the Google Analytics account and can add as many users to the property as you want. Another useful feature in their dashboard is having a list of related sites to review other competitors that you might have missed.

At only $50 a website, I think this is a necessary tool for any digital marketer; whether you’re in SEO, paid ad management, or full service consulting. One of the best aspects of the tool is telling your clients that you now have near complete access to their main competitor’s Google Analytics. It’s produced us a lot of happy clients. We will continue to update this post if anything changes with Nacho Analytics.

I’d highly recommend checking it out and see if it’s worth it for you or your agency. There’s no long term contracts and you can cancel anytime. Plus, if you sign up through our partnership link below, you get 1 free website add-on (oh, and so do we!):

If you have questions regarding Nacho Analytics, comment or shoot us an email. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.