Digital Marketing For Your Mobile Catering Business

Starting a mobile catering business may be very competitive in your area. Therefore, to succeed in the business, you have to offer high quality food and excellent service. But food is not the only important ingredient in your catering business. Marketing is another important component for your success. The following tips should help you increase your customer base within a short time.

Get personal

Informing people about your business is a primary part of success and identifying ways to impress individuals is vital. You have to network with golf and sports clubs, wedding planners and bridal shops, exhibition centers, non-profit organizations and your local Chamber of Commerce. When connecting with individuals, being a wallflower will not work. Visit the businesses and introduce yourself – tell them about the food and beverages that you offer. Leave your business card in every shop and promise to give discounts to their customers whenever they refer you.

Offer tastings

A large percentage of catering companies do casual bridal tastings. It is also important that you reach out to the corporate community with events. Make small intimate tastings with over 10 good qualified leads and make a big impression through your exemplary food and service. Make this a regular event and remember to plan and organize for it – make it a main component of your marketing.

Consider fairs and festivals

Bridal fairs should not be the only target when marketing your mobile catering business. You have to consider fairs for industries such as architecture, real estate, financial, legal, marketing and advertising. These groups have meetings and conferences regularly that require event planning and coordination and generally invite vendors in to offer their services. Having a tasting area or a stand at one of the events can help grow your catering business. Remember to offer many menus and adequate price information.

Use press releases and social media

Big corporations and marketers have been using press releases for many years. However, small businesses can also use them to distribute information. With a small release, you do not even need a professional to help with the distribution. Pick a media outlet such as event sections of culinary magazines, local newspapers and bridal journals. Write press releases to inform your prospective customers about your new business and list your web business. Target the local food blogs and news sources for faster results.

Develop a quality brand image

Branding is an important part of mobile catering businesses. Catering businesses rely on high level of sophistication and style and therefore a poor brand image will not get you the results that you deserve. Look at how food trucks are branding and marketing themselves today in your area. Then, decide on whether you would want to use your vehicle for delivery alone or to operate the whole business. You have to provide people with an impression of excellence and style. Reflect that level of sophistication on brochures, menus, letterheads and any other print media. Your business image should look as amazing as the food you serve and will help you to grow a successful company.