3 ways to market your escape room business

Even though the popularity of escape room businesses has been increasing, marketing of this type of business has remained a big challenge to entrepreneurs. That is because marketers can only provide little information in the descriptions and photos they use to entice prospective customers.

If you have already established a business in the area, your next step should be to teach your potential customers about escape rooms. Now, how should you do that? Don’t panic! Whether you want to grow your established escape room business or you are just getting started, the following three marketing ideas will help you reach more customers and influence them to participate in challenges.

Social Media Marketing for Escape Rooms

Connect with more escape room enthusiasts on the popular social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. 

Social media platforms will help you reach your target audiences.  Even before opening the escape room business, you should try to connect with more enthusiasts on the popular social media platforms. Make an account on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the other channels. After that, start spreading the word in various local groups. Offer discounts regularly to attract more fans.

Whenever a customer leaves feedback business’s website page or checks into your location, all their friends will see it. However, they need incentives to do that. If you need some help to drum up your fan base, run local marketing campaigns on Groupon. That way, people searching for activities in the area will find your business easily.

Content Marketing for Escape Rooms

Traditional marketing has become less effective as the forward thinking marketers innovate more better ways. The strategic marketing approach, content marketing, focuses on making and distributing valuable, consistent and relevant content to attract more clearly defined audience and retain them – and to influence profitable customer action at the end. Instead of pitching your services, you should concentrate on providing relevant and useful website content to your potential customers to assist them come up with solutions to their problems.

Statistics show that most modern marketers rely on content marketing. Actually, numerous prominent organizations worldwide, including Cisco Systems, Microsoft, P&G and John Deere are using content marketing to promote their products. Also, one-person shops and small businesses around the globe are also utilizing it. Why? Because it works effectively. Set up your business website and post relevant content to help your audience.

Organic SEO for Escape Rooms

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves all methods people use to gain higher ranking (placement) on search engine results pages in unpaid algorithm-driven search results, which search engines including Bing and Google produce.  Organic SEO has been helping people to strengthen the articles and pages on their websites, making them relevant to the information internet users are looking for.  These guys do a great job on SEO for their escape room in Vail.

In the year 2018, the number of websites has already grown and most likely, the number will grow continuously as more businesses adopt online marketing. Companies that have had web presence since early 90s complain that their influence has been diminishing as more players get into the market. As all niches become crowded, you should take more steps to make your escape room business standout among the competitors.

Organic SEO consist of on-page SEO, technical SEO and Off Page SEO. The three elements help improve the health and rankings of the website. On-page SEO involves amending the content on a website and making it relevant to internet users. To benefit from off page SEO, you should start making more social media profiles and building links. In addition to that, you have to audit your website to ensure that there are no errors. The common errors include crawl errors and URL redirects.

And to observe faster results, you should partner with some other escape room businesses within your area. In fact, multiple escape room businesses can coexist in one area and still succeed. That is because a customer who escapes from a room is unlikely to come back soon. To reduce the chances of losing the interested people, you have to promote some other escape rooms within your area – they will also be ready to promote your business. You can also work together to provide incentives to the customers who escape from other rooms within your area.

Marketing of escape room businesses is different from that of other businesses. Ensure that people are talking about your business even before you open doors. Make challenging puzzles, promote referral and loyalty programs and allow the games to start. Your business will be booming soon!