Modern Marketing Strategies for Vending Machine Companies

When was the last time you sat somewhere, waiting for your name to be called, and there wasn’t a vending machine? We walk by vending machines every day. In this business or that business, there’s always a vending machine to fulfill any sweet craving you have throughout the day. Have you ever thought about where all of these machines come from? They come from businesses and all of those businesses get their customers through marketing. If you own a vending business and are curious how you may market to customers, you’ve come to the right place.

The first step is to develop the basis for your marketing plan. You can do this detailing your product and your already established customer base. What types of vending machines are you selling? Are you providing healthy snacks? Since this is business-to-business (B2B) sales, what kind of businesses are you actively targeting? Think smaller boutique local companies who place a few vending machines in different locations.

Next up, do your research on the competition in your area and online. Competition is a healthy part of the business so be aware of what’s going on around you. How are they marketing their products? Who are they marketing to? Where are they placing the machines? All of these are important to confront while you build your business’ brand.

Once you’ve accumulated your research, determine what customer type you have in mind. Decide what type of advertising placements you think will help reach these potential customers effectively and for the least possible investment.

Be sure to take plenty of pictures of your stock and the snacks you will be providing. Details are your friend. That’s what customers like to see.  This would be a good time to hire a print layout designer to develop a brochure (and other marketing materials) that describes your business and what your aim to accomplish. Visually speaking, a pamphlet opens up a potential client’s eyes to your business and could influence a purchase to your company.

Hiring a web designer and marketing team to optimize a website is extremely important. A modern and updated website shows that your business cares about its appearance while also making it easier for visitors to find what they want. A solid website for your vending machine company is a crucial investment to set your company apart from competitors. This industry has a history, so your competitors may not be as tech savvy as you are. That could really line up to be a huge advantage.

Now, you should start to place advertisements based on your marketing plan. Be sure you include ads in industry publications that vending business owners receive and also online text ads that are targeted for highly specific keywords (e.g. healthy vending, healthy vending Jacksonville.)

Attending vending machine business networking events can prove to be very beneficial by increasing your network and learning what others in the industry are doing to stand out. Always be looking for that competitive edge. One that convinces buyers that you’re the one stop shop for their needs.

Press releases are an excellent way to spread information about your company. Write a series of press releases highlighting your vending machine business with keywords that will attract the attention of potential customers. Be sure not to be promotional in your press releases. Play it cool, play it confidently.

Once you begin receiving traffic and inquiries from potential customers, ask for their email address and send over packets of information.

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