Google has just announced from it’s support blog that their underwhelming ‘social media’ platform is shutting down April 2nd, 2019. Last December, Google issued a statement saying they would eventually end the service, but the date was unclear and the specifics were vague. The Google+ shutdown comes after years of low user engagement and two data breaches.

Google Plus will start ‘deleting’ content from personal accounts, which includes pictures, videos and posts. Google does state that it will take several months before Plus completely dissolves, so don’t fret- you still have time to export and save your Google+ data. If you have an account with content you wish to keep, Google provides a service called ‘Takeout’, which you can visit here: It’s a straightforward and user friendly process which doesn’t need much explaining.

How Does This Affect SEO and Digital Marketing?

The big question in the marketing community is how exactly this will hurt businesses that focused on Google+ as a marketing strategy. Our team wrote an article a while back about how Google+ can boost your marketing potential, the keyphrase being “Google loves when you use Google”. From our experience and case studies- it is true. Having a Google+, linking to it from your web properties, and staying active seemed to slightly boost ranks in the search engines.

If you relied heavily on your search optimization or digital campaigns on Google+, there’s great ways to salvage from this shutdown. We suggest you export your Plus posts/content from Takeout which we linked above and have it handy to thicken out/update your other social properties: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Don’t ever let any unique and compelling content go to waste!