Conversion Rate Optimization

Most marketers use conversion rates to review the effectiveness of their e-commerce sites. Actually, every business owner and manager wants to know how his/her conversion rates compare. In the year 2016, only 22% of businesses attained the results they targeted with conversion rates. Statistics also show that the websites ranking on the first pages of desktop Google search results have 34.36% click-through rate. On mobile search engine results, the percentage stands at 31.35%.


To some individuals, blogging is a waste of time. However, content marketing works for individuals who remain committed to it. Featuring blogs as an important part of your marketing strategy in 2018 will increase the chances of your business ranking at a better position on search engines. Around 53% of marketers rely solely on blogging and 1 in every 10 blog posts is compounding. That means that blogging search helps them rank at a better position in search engines. The amount of compounding blog posts stands at 10% and they generate around 38% of traffic. In 2015, every company that published over 16 blog posts each month received over 4 times traffic.  

Local SEO

As an online marketer, you might be thinking of how to benefit from local SEO or how to improve your current marketing strategies. Actually, customers are turning to local business information when conducting their research. Statistics show that around 50% of all mobile phone users visit stores each day. On the other hand, only 34% of computer/tablet users visit a store in a day. That shows that your ranking on the local search directly affects your in-store visits. That is why you might need to focus on Local SEO.

Mobile Search

You have already seen the number of local searchers who are likely to visit your store. However, a Study that Google conducted in 2017 showed that the local searchers are also more likely to make a purchase. Their study also showed that one in every three-smartphone searches happened before a customer visited a store. Around 15% of the in-store activities involved price or product comparison searches. By capturing the local search market, you will be able to reach customers who are ready to spend their money and know exactly what they are looking for. This age old strategy is still relevant online in 2018: be in the right place at the right time!


Facebook is still the leading social media network globally – that is based on the global reach and the number of active users. Over 190 million users live in the United States but the number of Indian users exceeds that in the US. Most social media users rely on Facebook when searching for information about services or products. They are also using it to market their products. In 2016, around 93% of marketers reported to have used the platform in their marketing.