Instagram adds question stickers to stories

Instagram Stories is now more interactive after the developer added a new feature – the question stickers. That is after they introduced the Emoji Slider feature, which allows the creator of a story to check whether the viewers are enjoying it. The Emoji feature allows faster introduction of polls into a Story, too. The new feature came into limelight earlier this month, but now Instagram has started to roll it out on their Android and iOS version of Instagram app. The question stickers feature is different from the two features, emoji sliders and poll stickers, which the social media giant released earlier. The earlier features allow Instagram users to “vote” on the questions others post.

After you have added a question sticker to a story, other people on the platform will be able to submit questions that you will have to answer. In other words, this new feature will put all your followers or audiences in the driver’s seat.

More about this new feature

A blog post that the developer published shows that their aim is to make their platform more interactive for the users. Viewers will now be able to ask questions to the story publisher, before or after watching the story. However, for the users to access the sticker question feature, you (the story creator) have to put the stick on a story before publishing it. To do that, you just need to shoot a video or take a photo and then add a sticker from Instagram’s sticker tray. Instagram does not define the best way to place a sticker and you can therefore place it where you want it to appear in your story. Viewers will be able to tap it and add their questions.

The mute button

This is another of the important features that Instagram released earlier. If one of your followers have been super annoying you, you should have a reason to smile. You do not have to un-follow the follower because such an action can ruin your relationship/friendship. You just need to use the new Mute Button. The method involves pressing, holding and tapping the mute option. The new method mutes the whole profile and posts. According to Instagram, the mute feature should make your feeds personalized – they also acknowledged that the demand for such a feature was high. Even more, they believe that it is an important tool when it comes to managing complex social dynamics.

In May 2018, Instagram replaced their chronological timeline with a random one that you might have already noticed. The random timeline has made it hard to distinguish what you might have scrolled passed from the new posts and those certified fresh.

Our analysis

Stories is one of the most popular features on Instagram and it makes more sense that the company has been working hard to improve it and strengthen the popularity. Recently, they added the mute button to the platform and the ability to include music in a Story. Moreover, they launched video calling support and AR filters. With the many important features, you might end up spending most of time on Instagram.

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