The New Instagram Algorithm

Recently, we have observed several Instagram updates and most of them have highly affected how people interact on the platform. Carousel ads and Instagram Scheduling have already come to Stories. The Scheduling has highly changed how marketers interact with this popular platform while the Carousel Ads have given Story Adverts access to the high performing features you find on Instagram and Facebook. Here are the top Instagram updates that you might not have noticed.

Carousel Ads Changed to Stories

Presence of the Carousel Ads on Instagram means that users of the social media platform can have three media pieces for every Stories advert. Before, it was only one. Carousel Adverts for Instagram Stories are similar to the other content of Stories meaning that you can swipe back, tap through or pause the content as you please. With the two additional pieces of media, product marketers can tell deeper stories to deliver what their audiences need. The Carousel Ads is in closed beta but businesses have incorporated native elements like drawing tools and pinning to highlight their campaigns.

Stories Alert Feature

The Stories Alert feature helps Instagram identify users who regularly take screenshots of the Public Instagram Stories. In other words, the feature helps Instagram identify individuals who take screenshots of videos or photos that other users send as direct messages. Instagram lifted the feature from Snapchat and it might be effective. Individuals guilty of taking screenshots of stories receive a pop-up warning from the application that warns them that the user who posted the image or video will receive information about the screenshot the next time they take one. That might help reduce the chances of people using the images that are not theirs.

Type Mode For Stories

“Stories” does not feel like Instagram anymore. The updated platform now features “type mode”, which allows users of the social media platform to add pages to each of their story. To benefit from the feature, they do not require videos or photos. They can select one of the colorful customizable backgrounds and the various text styles, which include neon font and the one remindful of typewriters. Users can also add stickers. Possibly, you saw such a page when you responded to your friend’s messages directly. That shifted Instagram from what it was originally: a platform that helped people share their videos and pictures with friends.

New Stories Creativity Flexibility

Instagram Stories came together in August 2016 and we can see how the social media enthusiasts have accepted the full-screen experience. The stories format changed how brands inspire and connect with customers within one year. Actually, at least 50% of large businesses have to create a story each month. Over 250 million individuals from different parts of the world create and watch stories on Instagram each day. As a result, the Instagram Stories has become a useful tool for brands that want to inspire action and stand out. Instagram updated the feature to help advertisers buy and create adverts in the stories. They integrated it with Facebook Canvas to extend the full-screen experience. With the added uploading tool, business can use their organic stories ad advertisements.