Here are few tips that will help you market your restaurant in 2018.

Understand your customer base

Before you drive into a specific promotion, you should remember that no promotion will work if you have not thought about your customer base. If your business is situated near an office building, you have to keep that in mind when formulating your marketing strategies. Also, you have to think about the people you want to target with your marketing – either old or young. To choose the right form of marketing, think about what motivates your customers. It can be money or experiences.

Identify all your business challenges

Any marketing strategy you adopt should help your business overcome its challenges. If you have identified the underperforming areas in your restaurant, which you think that they are getting insufficient attention, you should concentrate on them. Ensure that the challenges are important. Some point-of-sale technologies for restaurants will help you identify the challenges easily because they provide analytics and reports for every business area including labour and sales.

Choose the marketing channel

The marketing channel is important. Actually, most people believe that the purpose of promoting a business is to generate more revenue but marketing is about crowding. To start earning more, you have to influence more people to your business. That way, you will benefit from your marketing throughout the year. To get the right customers, you must choose the marketing channel carefully. If you choose the social media platforms, remember to share relevant content. Your customers will share it.

Know your margins

Before you start marketing your restaurant, you have to know the margins of every item included in your menu. That way, you will be able to build your offerings creatively and get some value from them. Actually, you should promote those offerings with higher margins as the leads into your entire menu. You can identify top challenges that surround the things that motivate your customers before trying to reach more people.

Leverage local events

Have promotions near big events in your area like concerts, festivals and sporting events. That helps drive more business and generate more awareness of your restaurant to the people who attend the event. Fundamentally, you will be riding off the event’s marketing coattail. For example, you can offer 5% off to individuals who have tickets to the local hockey game or even $5 off every purchase before an upcoming concert.

Use holidays

Identify all the holidays you love and ensure that the other competitors do nothing on the day before proceeding. To market your restaurant on Christmas day, for example, prepare some gifts or giveaways. Apart from getting you more business, the promotion will help your customers share, link or tag your business in their social media promotions.

Discount the items that your customers cannot consume alone

Heavily discount the items on your menu that your customers rarely consume alone. Customers will come in at the end of the day for the discounted item and purchase other items before they pay their bill. For example, you can discount salty pretzels to attract more customers who will end up buying beers.

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