What the Most Recent Facebook Algorithm Means For Advertisers

Facebook has announced changes to their news feed feature and the move might highly affect how individuals interact on the platform. The algorithm change is aimed to reduce the number of news, marketing articles and advertisements appearing on the platform.

With the move, the number of vacation videos, photos and family-friendly posts about people you know will increase. It is a major change for the platform, which has shifted from a social networking service that connects family and friends to a world’s big distributor of online ads and news.

How to survive the algorithm change.

Even though we cannot tell what the impacts the algorithm change will have on your business, you can still work with it to reach your customers. The following tips will ensure your survival.

Post more engaging and quality content to prompt customer comments.

According to Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, meaningful interactions are simply “comments, comments and more comments”. During his announcement, Zuckerberg stated that pages that post things that people typically do not comment on or react to could witness the biggest decline in distribution. People who prompt conversations between friends with their posts are less likely to see any effects.

As a business marketer, you should start creating quality and engaging content that will spark conversations between users. Try to include questions on every post and write about the timely and relevant topics that your audience will comment on. That way, more users will see your posts if their friends or family comment on them.

Encourage customers to like your Facebook Page

Among the changing things on the Facebook news feed is your ability to ensure that you are seeing posts from your favorite Pages. Previously, you could achieve that easily by selecting “See First” in your news feed preferences. Therefore, when marketing, you should not be shy about asking your customers to follow your page on Facebook. You can also remind your loyal customers about Facebook’s “See First” option.

Increase your advertisement budget

Organic reach has been reducing within the last few years across the major social media platforms and you might therefore be a whiz at advertisements. But because Facebook is reprioritizing content from publishers and brands, your skills in advertising will be more important. You must know how to attract new customers and to do more with your advertising dollars.

Start using Facebook Live Videos

The new algorithm favors videos but live videos are more important. When announcing the new algorithm, Zuckerberg wrote that live videos mostly trigger conversations among Facebook viewers. Actually, live videos receive around six times more interaction as the regular videos on average. Put differently, if you have not already invested your energy and time into posting live videos on the social platform, you should start doing it. Live videos are among the few solid content examples that will perform excellently under Facebook’s new algorithm.

Invest more time in Facebook Groups

Facebook groups run on the foundation of audience engagement and therefore the marketing tactic will serve you better under the newest algorithm. To start, try to identify new ways of engaging customers with Groups alongside your Page and your advertising efforts.