Advanced Search Tricks for Google 

Perhaps after all your years of using Google, you still feel behind the curve on how to actually use the service. Luckily for you, the search engine has countless tricks that you can use to make your work on the search engine easier. Here is a list of the most useful search tricks, from the basic trips to the newest features that Google released.

Use of quotes

Did you know that you could use the search engine to search for an exact phrase? For that to be possible, you need to input the phrase in quotes. The simple trick yields pages with words matching what you searched. The tip is particularly useful for people trying to look for results with a particular phrase.

Use of an asterisk within quotes

You can also use an asterisk within the quotes to specify variable words or the unknown. Each time you use an asterisk to replace a word; your search will result in numerous variations of the phrase. That trick comes in handy when trying to search for a song using the lyrics and making out the whole phrase is very hard. For example, you can search for “imagine our * daily living.” The asterisk is also useful when looking for every form of an expression, such as “* is thicker than water.”

Use the minus sign for negative keywords

Apart from the quotes and asterisk, you can include the minus sign in the phrase you are searching to eliminate some words. That is important if you have tried to search for a term that is generating many results that you do not want. To use the minus sign, you have to figure out the terms you do not want. For example, you search “jaguar – car” to eliminate the word car from your search results.

Searching for specific websites 

You have to think about the “site:” as a Google’s search function, that searches particular websites solely. If you only need results from throughout the day, you will have to search for “Google”. That is all you need to do.

Search for news archives that date back to mid-1880s

Google News allows users to search for news that dates back over 100 years ago. Even more, you can get news from all parts of the world. The function has helped many people.

Filter search results to get recipes alone

If you have been searching for your favorite foods throughout the day but you have not gotten what you want, you have to try something different. All you need to do is input the food you need and click the “Search Tools” Button situated under Google’s search bar. The function will help you filter recipes depending on the ingredients, the calories and cook time. It is a great tool for individuals with dietary restrictions.

Use “DEFINE” to get the meaning of a word

By using, for instance, “DEFINE: mortgage” for the words that are already within the dictionary. Your search will result in etymology and graph of the word’s use along the definition. Google also sift the web to define acronyms and slang words. You can now try to search for the meaning of any word.