Tips on how to get the best from the new Snapchat  

Snapchat rolled out another new update that has drastically changed their app’s layout. Even though the redesign has disturbed several enthusiasts who claim that they are already struggling to find or use their most favourite features, you will take a short time to understand the new format.  The company will not reverse the new update, but they are working to tweak some parts of the redesigned app to make their services suitable for everyone. But until we see those changes, the following tips should help you get the best from the new Snapchat app.


Using the Friends Page

In addition to the Stories, the new Friends Page contains messages and snaps from friends and group chats. Every group chat also gets its own Group Stories automatically.  The decision to bunch all new updates on the first page of the Snapchat app is the major source of confusion to most users. Snapchat developers added three different tabs – Groups, Stories and All – to the Friends page. The ‘All’ tab is the default view and you have to tap on it to access group chats, messages, Snaps and Stories. By tapping the ‘Stories’ Tab, you can hide everything apart from Stories from your Friends Page.


Watching Stories

Immediately when one of your friend posts a Story, a circular preview bubble will appear to the left side of their name. Just tap the bubble, if you have time to watch the Story. After you have watched the Story, a preview of a Story from another friend will appear. You can swipe to skip it, swipe down to leave or tap your phone’s screen to watch it. To rewatch a Story, you will have to open the friends profile by tapping the bitmoji on Friends screen.


Finding a friend

You will not be able to order Snaps and Stories chronologically. The Friends page ranks your friends depending on whom you remain in touch with and who has contacted you recently. Therefore, the best and easiest way to find content from a person who does not quality to be a top friend is to type the name in the search bar on the Friends page.


Sending Snaps

After taking a Snap and trying to send it to a friend, you will encounter the new Send to Page. The eight people you contact most will appear at the center and front of the page. At the top of the page, you will find the option to add your Story to My Story. The other two options are adding the Story to Our Story and Group Stories.


Manage your Stories

You can post stories easily by tapping Snapchat’s logo at the top-left screen of your primary camera screen. You also need to tap the logo to delete your Snaps and view your Stories.

Using the Discover Page

To land on the Discover page, you just need to swipe left on your camera screen. The Discover page features content from publishers, Shows and Stories from the people you follow, but are not friends. You will also find Our Story, Snap Map and snaps from creators. To see more or less, you just need to tap and hold the “See Less Like This” or the “Unsubscribe” button.