Facebook’s Algorithm Changes in 2018 – How to Adapt and Succeed

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Facebook’s Algorithm Changes in 2018 – How to Adapt and Succeed

Marketing Tips to Survive the Ever-Changing Facebook Algorithm

One of the greatest challenges you will encounter in social media marketing relates to the ever-changing algorithms in sites like Facebook and Instagram. Even though it is evident that social media platforms are now a primary component of internet marketing, sites change everything from their design elements to the core functionality. Whether Facebook changes its algorithm to offer better experience to the users or to make more money, you should work to remain on top of the changes and know how to change your marketing strategies. Here are a few tips to help you survive the always-updated algorithm.

Establish your position on every popular social media site

Facebook might be a victim of its success. The large amount of content streaming on the network is among the reasons why its organic reach is always reducing. Facebook is already crowded and at times, quality photos and posts get lost in the content sea.

Vine, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram are smaller but have passionate, targeted and engaged users. Social reach is well and alive on the networks. To engage your followers, fans and potential customers start using the sites.

And if the thought of reaming active on the networks seems overwhelming, combine user-generated content from the networks with a single hashtag. With a branded hashtag, your campaigns will elicit responses from Vine, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr.  

Emphasis on cross-promotion

Facebook’s organic reach has highly reduced. Therefore, some marketing campaigns might never reach the intended audience. Therefore, to succeed in your marketing campaigns, you should be ready to publicize your content outside the social media world.  Use television advertisements, email newsletters and online ads to reach a steadier stream of participants including without a huge Facebook launch. That alone will generate momentum that will provide your company with a great advantage over the other firms that rely purely on organic reach.

Optimize performance efforts

A large percentage of businesses, those on Facebook, have seen decline on impressions they receive on every post. That is frustrating and is something that you have to think about. However, it does not mean that Facebook is a worthless marketing tool. You have to research and develop content that drives clicks, sales and engagement. With the right information, you can optimize your future content to drive better results.  

Prioritize on emails

Within the last one year, both companies and individuals have realized the benefits of fostering firm email relationships. Email is a powerful tool that can connect you with your prospective customers and drive sales. Therefore, it is important you start formulating ideas on how to drive more email signups. Some tactics like contests will help you rein in the power of Facebook and take full ownership of the relationships between you and the customers.

Leverage and Analyze social data

The frequent changes of Facebook’s algorithm have been a huge problem for most companies. And if you have been using Facebook to market your product or services, you might have realized that in addition to the shrinking audience, you are renting audience – not owning your audience. Renting audience means that you have to pay every time need to communicate with them arises. Push for more ownership of your audiences by collecting their contact information and any other data that can help you contact your customers directly.  



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