Facebook Ads That Convert

When using Facebook Ads for your business, you should know how to create compelling, amazing and clickable copy and designs. Facebook has been introducing powerful targeting features and the spending in social media advertisements has increased. Here are some tips to help you create better Facebook Ads.

Facebook ad copywriting

Use images that stand out

Facebook advertising involves competition. Every marketer wants to see people click on their adverts and therefore, they are always working to grab attention of more Facebook users. Every step you take to grab the attention of your prospective customers will appear on your ad image. Great images will definitely attract eyes and earn you more clicks. You should therefore select your images carefully.

Test several designs

When creating images to use in your Facebook advertisements, you should not assume anything. You have to try out everything to ensure that it will provide your desired results. Even though you might be an expert in Facebook advertising, testing of ad images and the targeting is vital. Each time you are making a new campaign, try to develop four different ad designs and test all of them. A quick example: you can test two different images with different copy texts and record the results.

Create Buyer Personas

Most companies have many customers with different needs. By segregating your customers, you will create great images for every group and serve all your customers in a better way. For every group of customers, write down the persona. You can group them according to their gender, their profession, job title or according to their problems. After creating the customer personas, keep them in mind when designing your advertisements. Do not use an image that fits the youth group to reach seniors.

Add Social Proof

People might not buy your products primarily because they do not want to lose their money or because they are afraid of making bad choices. That is the key reason why free products work effectively. However, that does not mean that you should start giving out your products freely. Instead, you should start addressing the fears of your customers by adding social proofs to every Facebook Ad design. A few testimonials from reliable people are a better social proof. A VIP product endorsement minimizes the level of fear and gives you some credibility. It is also an inexpensive method.

Utilize calls-to-action

Calls-to-action might not increase click-through rates or even make your Facebook advertising engaging. However, they are likely to increase the conversion rate and reduce the cost per every click. A great call-to-action will reduce friction and compel the viewer to complete the desired activity. When a Facebook user clicks your advertisement and gets to the landing page, they will not spend a lot of time figuring out the next step to take. That is because you will have prompted them with the call-to-action, such as “Download the Video”.

Be consistent

Consistency works more like call-to-actions to reduce friction and to assist people complete their desired actions. A person clicks on your Facebook advertisement because he/she has liked the message, image or anything else that you offer. The landing page should reinforce what you included on your advert. Use the same wording and images you used on the Facebook ad on the landing page – just remember to describe your products and tell them why they should buy. If you fail to hook your customer, you will lose him/her.