Email Marketing Statistics And Tips For 2017

//Email Marketing Statistics And Tips For 2017

Email Marketing Statistics And Tips For 2017

Email Marketing Trends 2017

The days when the average human being received a single email in a day are long gone. Today, the average person receives at least 121 emails in a day while the average number of emails sent in a single day stands at around 193.3 billion. The average businesses also send and receive 108.7 billion messages in a day. Probably, people are overdoing it but there is a good reason why the large number of emails is circling around the globe today. And in fact, email marketing will remain one of the most effective marketing methods for many years to come. Not all emails are bad – only those that people do not want to read. Most consumers are benefiting from the regular emails sent to them and marketers have observed better results in their marketing campaigns. The following are the statistics to prove that.

  • Email marketing offers a better ROI

The Direct Marketing Association’s statistics show that email marketing yields around 44% ROI. In other words, every dollar you will spend on email marketing campaigns will offer a return of $0.44.


  • Email nurture leads effortlessly

Did you know that natured leads are able to increase sales by roughly 20% around the cold leads? Moreover, their cost is usually 33% lower than that of other lead-generating mechanisms – emails generate 50% more sales. Actually, smart email marketing stands out as one of the leading ways to build better relationships with customers.

  • Email marketing is easy

You do not need any special skills to employ email marketing in your business. Email service providers offer invisible technologies and user interfaces that are easy to learn and apply. In fact, most small business entrepreneurs are already using the form of marketing in their campaigns.

  • Email marketing works better than social media marketing

Statistics show that email marketing is 40 times more effective than both Twitter and Facebook. It provides around 17% higher conversion. To succeed in your email marketing you should ensure that every email counts. What’s more, consumers spend around 17% more when marketers reach them through their email addresses.

Tips to help you get better results in your email marketing campaigns in 2017

From real estate agencies, to fitness gyms and motor vehicle dealers, people are inspired by the additional steps taken to improve email marketing. Many businesses have tried this form of marketing and it has worked perfectly. The following are some of the tips to help you get better results:

  • Make good first impressions. A great first impression will always bring more people to your website.
  • Always have clear goals in your mind for every email. A good idea is to avoid overwhelming contacts with a lot of information. Instead, your emails should remain focused.
  • Collect email addresses from different places. You can get the addresses through social media and from the people who visit your business website.
  • Try to keep people informed. For example, you can inform them about upcoming art classes, musical performances and community events.
  • Never allow the relationship existing between your brand and customers break. You can regularly send emails to re engage your audience.
  • Remember that your customers are not the same. Add a personal touch by segregating your target audience into various groups depending on their behavior and preferences. Ensure that all your emails are relevant and well received each time you send them.

For more effective email marketing, add social sharing buttons. That way, the click-through rate will highly increase and your returns will be higher.

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