Facebook has updated its Algorithm

Most businesses have witnessed decrease in referrals from Facebook to their blogs and websites after Facebook’s January 11 algorithm update. Digital marketers form large brands have also reported the same. But you should not allow the update to hinder your business’s growth, here are a few tips to try.

Focus on creating quality content

Facebook’s algorithm relies on comments and shares to select the meaningful comments. Therefore, you have to ensure that all your strategies on Facebook are truly engaging. Start producing content that provides innate value without clicks, starts conversations and helps connect people.

In fact, viral content arouses emotions, helps brands and people look informed or cool. Facebook is a rich media that you can use to tell stories or provide something more valuable like how-to articles. Focus on developing content that others would like to comment on or share. Even though some videos an evoke people’s emotions, you should only use the right videos.

Use other social media channels

Every audience development consultant will tell you that relying on a single channel to build your audience is dangerous. And that is for a reason. Google and Facebook have been changing their algorithm from time to time, and they rarely inform the users about their intended steps. After every update, most brands and individuals are left in a lurch.

For your brand survival, you have to consider other channels such as email marketing or SEO marketing. Start creating a larger email list today. Clean out every inactive name, segment the personas, and customize your content to match individual needs. That way, you will be certain that your brand is safe. SEO experts will help you build a website that ranks higher on Google.

Pay to Play

Do not rely on Facebook’s organic traffic solely anymore. Paid activities on the platform have become more important recently and it is therefore time to start using the Ads Manager. Due to the 2018 algorithm change, the cost of every thousand impressions or CPM might highly increase but the tools, the targeting capabilities and the effectiveness of tools will remain unchanged.

To build a larger number of followers and to start driving engagement, awareness, acquiring app downloads, driving brand awareness, email sign-ups or increasing the in-store visits, you need the help of Facebook ads. With the update, the platform has become more user-friendly.

Use other features on Facebook

To develop communities around your brand, you should consider Facebook groups. Starting a group on Facebook is easy. You just need to make it moderate – not promotional. When launching your product line, for example, both your business and the consumer will highly benefit from the community surrounding the product line.

If you are a developer of content on women’s problems, a group to facilitate discussion of such issues will highly help. In fact, many companies have adopted Facebook Messenger as a marketing tool. It helps them distribute exclusive and personalized content and product updates. If you need to influence your customers to make more purchases, it will be helpful.

Access to Application Program Interface (API) is now possible. Therefore, you can start building custom bots for your business. Select the customer needs that you can easily simplify with the Facebook Messenger and start offering the best user experience.