Food blogger marketing ideas

By starting a food blog, you can easily turn your passion for food into income; you will inspire people with your food creations, and easily build communities around food, beverages and entertaining. A food blog can also lead to other opportunities such as book deals. The food industry is characterized by fierce competition and food bloggers should use compelling marketing strategies to remain ahead. Even though comprehensive food marketing strategies involve several elements, you only need a few components to drive faster results.

The following tips should help you develop a mouth-watering marketing plan.

Decide on the type of food blog to start

A niche will do better than a general type when it comes to food. Some of the niches to consider when making your food blog include low-carb, super healthy, International, or vegan foods. You can also specialize in types of food like vegetable dishes or desserts.


Use social networks

Social networking platforms like Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook provide better opportunities to reach and attract more readerships. To get more followers, use your social media pages to provide meaningful value. For example, you can start posting recipes that you have not posted on your blog, start discussions about recipes and foods, offer drawings and contests and post specials and coupons for food-related businesses.If you also use your food blog to market a business, it is smart to provide discounts to customers who follow your pages. Post blog entries to the social networking pages but do not bombard users with thousands of links to your blog. Instead, ask them questions and encourage them to participate in ongoing dialogues.

Use search engine marketing

With search engine marketing, you can target wider readership interested in food blogs. To reach your prospective audience, use keyword advertisements that link blogs to the web users searching for food related information with phrases or words related to your food blog. Specific keywords will increase the amount of traffic to your blog. A quick example: if you are planning to blog about Asian food, use keywords like Asian Food Birmingham or Asian Food San Francisco.

Use recipe websites

Recipe websites are known to attract the readers who are interested in food alone. To capture the attention of these readers, you have to participate in discussion forums on many recipe sites and put links to your food blog. Share recipes along the links to your blogs. Establishing a loyal readership depending on the helpful insights and information becomes easier. Some recipe sites offer question and answer sections where the users can post recipe and food-related questions. Answering the questions and providing a link to your blog will draw more traffic to the food blogs that you develop.

Partnerships with restaurants

Guest post for well-known restaurants, food blogs and websites, or share some videos along with well-known food bloggers on video-sharing platforms. Sponsorships can also draw more readers to your food blog. By sponsoring local organizations and businesses with missions related to your food blog, you will also be marketing your blog. A quick example: if you like blogging about easier meals for families, you can sponsor youth baseball teams and offer recipes to the team parents.