Marketing is simply the process of communicating with your audience with an aim of informing them about your various services and products that would benefit them. The definition for digital marketing is simple: the use of digital strategies to ensure that business specific information reaches the target audience and elicit responses.


How digital marketing works: The Theory

Digital marketing uses several strategies to work. Even though all the strategies have a common goal, each of them might serve differentiated purposes. All the strategies work simultaneously to drive traffic to a website – both online and offline – and to convert the one-time visitors into returning, loyal customers. Properly structured digital marketing might incorporate several strategies.

The types of digital marketing strategies that drive results:

Pay per click (PPC)

When someone talks about pay per click (PPC), he/she is most likely referring to sponsored links common in Google Searches. In addition, they might also be talking about the ads common in the other popular search engines like Bing and Yahoo. PPC is one of the short-term digital marketing strategies that work perfectly. PPC are links to your websites that you have to pay for to be ranked alongside or above the organic listings in search engines.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is among the first and strong kinds of digital marketing you will ever come across.  Around 94% of clicks in search engine results go to the organic listings – not pay per click (PPC). Even though the methods have highly changed within the last few years, the aim has remained the same. Use the available keyword planner tools to plan your keywords for search engine optimization.

Public Relations

You should never overlook public relations when developing your digital marketing plan. Although it is not distinctively a form of digital marketing, it will make a big difference in your marketing results. Public relations result in greater exposure within a short period. More people will know about your business each time you mention it in a forum or Facebook group.

Social media marketing

Social media has helped most businesses get more exposure and to connect easily with their prospective customers. Your customers will know more about you if you remain connected to them. Social media marketing will also help them know you, like you and build trust on your brand and products. Select a platform that will help you get faster results.

Affiliate marketing

Your website should be sitting and relaxing on affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing involves allowing other individuals do the marketing work – in return, you have to pay them a commission. Put differently, you will give your affiliate marketer a portion of your profits each time they bring a catch.