As a coffee shop owner or marketer, you can use several simple and inexpensive strategies to increase your customer base or build brand loyalty. Here are a few ideas:

An appealing storefront

Make your coffee shop appealing if you want to increase the number of customers. The shop should be appealing to the individuals passing by. Neglect of your storefront can mean many missed opportunities. To make it appealing, you need a signs. That goes beyond the few letters you hang above the door front. Signage will help you direct more traffic into the coffee shop.

Referral marketing

See every new customer who enters your coffee shop as a marketing opportunity. That is because the person is likely to pass some information about your coffee shop to relatives and friends. Actually, people trust their family and friends more than they trust marketers. Statistics show that around 34% of consumers know about the existence of a retail shop through word of mouth. Create great customer experience to ensure that your current customers are sharing their experience with relatives and friends. Within a shorter time, you will start seeing the number of your customers grow.

Social media marketing

Social media has now grown and coffee shops can benefit from their ever-growing use base. Both coffee shop owners and customers use Instagram, Twitter and Facebook regularly, but statistics show that they do not use the other prominent platforms like Snapchat and YouTube. The two social networks have a ripe social media community readily available for creative coffee shop owners, particularly those who want to standout from the crowd. Because social media is different from other marketing channels like radio, newspaper or television, you should be human. Hold regular conversations with your customers and try to help them. Also, share valuable content from time to time.

Community outreach

Did you know that your relationship with customers highly affect your profits? Therefore, you should use other strategies in addition to remaining active on social media to observe faster results. For example, you can sponsor and participate in a local event to expose your coffee shop to the prospective customers. That will help reinforce your brand in the long term. Some shop owners organize events outside the coffee shop while others like holding them inside the coffee shop. An event will definitely help build better relationships with your customers.

Customer reviews

Most people believe that negative reviews dominate most review sites such as Yelp. However, that should not be the case. Actually, most reviewers on Yelp leave either a 4 star or 5 star rating. That shows that you should concentrate more on quieting the haters and pleasing your customers. Statistics show that some customers discover new shops through online reviews. Even more, shops with better rating appear on the first page of Google search rankings. To increase the number of reviews on your page, ask your customers to review your business.

Discounts and paid advertisements

Coffee shops use various non traditional marketing methods to attract customers. Paid advertisements and discounts are among the marketing methods. Facebook ads are known to be the popular form of advertising for coffee shops. Coffee shops can use Facebook Ads to target the local community because they are cheap.