Zappos: Case Study

When people buy retail items online, they must have some level of trust in the company. You can’t see the retailer so you have to use your intuition to know if they are a genuine business. Zappos, a successful online retailer, capitalized on this insight by becoming a reputable, engaging company.

What they Did

Create individualized content

One of the core values of Zappos is to build open and honest relationships with communication. It encourages its employees to personalize their social media content. For instance, on Facebook, they created a short video clip highlighting their Art Director Brad Swonetz. He describes how he got into photography and why he is passionate about his job. Another showcases the benefits that six women have brought to the company. These editorials emphasize the positive culture at Zappos and that people are truly happy to work there, building trust with the consumer.

Deliver Excellent Customer Service

Zappos created a twitter used solely for customer support. It responds to customer replies quickly, on a regular basis, and with a dash of charm. One of my favorites is below.

Customer service is less of a formality and more of a conversation. Zappos also does a great job of responding to negative reviews by showing empathy and then exceeding expectations. Take the interaction below.

Zappos delivering excellent customer service on facebook

Making a public apology and customized solution strengthens a company’s reputation as a brand that truly cares about its customers.

Bring out the Influencers

Zappos has created a hub called “The_ONES” to highlight inspiring women and their favorite classic sneakers. This page does not come across as an ad hyping up their products. Instead, they are personalized narratives about the lives of amazing women who also happen to love classic sneakers. Zappos also made a smart choice by creating their own webpage instead of using another site like youtube where they may have less control over where their content appears.

How Zappos Makes the Most Out of Twitter

Run Entertaining Contests

Creating a memorable and engaging experience is the best strategy for any social media campaign. Zappos often runs sweeptstakes on all its social media platforms. During a Twitter contest, a participant had to tweet at a specific time to win $2,500 shopping spree and video consultation with a Zappos stylist. This expands their reach as millions of twitter followers shared the contest and took part in the excitement.

Build Internal Links

Zappos has also used twitter to generate internal links. They created one page called “What are Zappos Employees Doing Now?” It contains comments from Zappos employees about what they are doing at work and other interesting resources. These comments contain internal links to every page on the website. This increases search engine rank and promotes products at the same time.

Be Appreciative

Zappos has a page that compiles all the public mentions of Zappos from Twitter users. They don’t filter the comments at all. This is a great example of a company being completely open and honest. Most companies wouldn’t do this, but Zappos has such an amazing following that it makes perfect sense.

What are the Results?

Zappos has generated 2 billion annually in revenue. It has amazing customer and employee retention rates because of the positive brand it has established. Essentially, it has stayed loyal to its core principles and built trust with consumers.