Pay Attention to These Amazing Native Advertising Examples

Native ads are taking over the marketing in 2018. 4/5 of the top 100 American websites use native ads to monetize their content. Native advertising is paid content. The form of advertising that employs pay-to-play strategy. Hence, your native ads campaigns only appear on a single website after you have paid a publisher to start producing and placing the content on the particular site. Native advertising has to be identified as such on the website and the content creator has to make it blend with the host website’s brand. Native ads fall in the category of paid advertising – repackaged ads that readers can easily find.

Taboola, Revcontent, Outbrain- just a few of the dozens of native ad networks that exist. All networks have different rules, different expectations, and different results. Some networks have a $50,000 minimum deposit fee. Others, you can start with $5. It’s a situational industry depending on factors such as geolocations, type of traffic and type of offers. Your landing page also is a decisive factor when determining the success of your native ad campaign.

It’s simple. If you are promoting a service or an offer in 2018 and you aren’t utilizing native ads- you’re missing enormous amount of leads, clients and customers.

Let’s take a look at a simple, native ad 3×3 box on

Native Ad CNN examples

If you’re familiar with affiliate/online marketing, you can see that 4 of these ads are clickbait/slideshow websites and the 2 are selling a product. CNN uses Outbrain, which is the most premier native ad network (in my opinion). Being premier doesn’t mean they aren’t strict. They are very strict (too strict). If you’re interested in insightful examples and ideas for native ads, simply click a native ad, locate the native ad’s native ads, and go further and further. You’ll end up seeing everything (and probably some things you don’t want to see, but necessary for science).

2018’s native ads are somewhat similar to 2017’s. The goal is to constantly evolve and pull in that higher click through rate than your competitors to get those cheap clicks. I’ve ran native ad campaigns for 4 years on 10+ networks, selling numerous offers or services for my clients while having major success in most cases.

Look, we get it, the native ad industry is hard to get into. There isn’t that much enlightening information out there about how to navigate this lucrative industry. Are you serious about making money with native ads? Very serious? Then reach out to us through our contact us page here. Email us, use the form, or give us a call.