Here are some of the best native advertising examples of 2017

/, pay per click/Here are some of the best native advertising examples of 2017

Here are some of the best native advertising examples of 2017

Pay Attention to These Amazing Native Advertising Examples

Native advertising is paid content. The form of advertising that employs pay-to-play strategy. Hence, your native ads campaigns only appear on a single website after you have paid a publisher to start producing and placing the content on the particular site. Native advertising has to be identified as such on the website and the content creator has to make it blend with the host website’s brand. Native ads fall in the category of paid advertising – repackaged ads that readers can easily find. The following are 19 Amazing Native Advertising Ad Examples:


  • Adobe (New York Times T Brand Studio)

T Brand Studio from The New York Times combines native advertising with higher quality marketing content appropriate for the Gray Lady. The properly researched Adobe piece offers valuable statistics and insights relating to shopping trends in the VR-centric future.


  • Patron Tequila (Twitter)

For International Margarita Day (February 22nd), Patron used hashtag #MargaritaoftheYear and tweets influencing users to vote for the seven innovative cocktail recipes.


  • Morgan Stanley (BBC Future)

Everyone believes that the BBC is a public service broadcaster. However, they have several native ad channels, which include BBC Travel, BBC Capital, and the BBC Future for their non-UK audiences. They subtly include the content marketing near the bottom of BBC News homepage, but they do not indicate whether the content is sponsored.


  • General Electric (The Message)

“The Message” is GE’S 8-week podcast series that explores various aspects of sound technology through sci-fi narratives about a rookie podcaster and cryptographers decoding ominous messages from the space. The podcast own the 2016 Webby Award for Best Use of Narrative Advertising.


  • New York Lottery (#JackpotDrumroll)

The New York Lottery hired 211 drummers across New York State to promote the $1.58 billion Powerball Jackpot in the year 2016. The drummers stood outside convenience stores and bodegas for at least twelve hours. With that, the media managed to earn $4.5 million. The stunt was also nominated for 2016 Webby Award for Best Use of Native Advertising.


  • Cedar Point Catch-a-Ghost

The famous Ohio amusement park, Cedar Point, invited users to screenshot a ghost’s fleeting image on their Snapchat story and in exchange, they offered coupons. The Halloween offerings promotion encouraged repeat viewing.


  • Denny’s (Twitter)

Denny’s is widely known for surreal Twitter posts aimed at producing content aligned with a Dada-esque meme. They are not paid ads. Denny’s counts on the Twitter users interested in their content to follow the Twitter account.


  • Taco Bell

Taco Bell sponsored Cinco De Mayo 2016’s Snapchat Lens which has stood to be a record-breaker – it garnered more than 224 million views within one day. Even though it was a huge success, the lenses cost more than $750,000 for a primetime spot.


  • IBM (The Atlantic)

The Atlantic has proved for another time that it is important in developing engaging higher quality sponsored content for IBM. In the “Blood, Sweat, and Data,” innovations in sports equipment, medicine and cloud solutions are analysed along with shareable statistics and accessible info-graphics.


  • Warner Brothers (Fortune Magazine)

To promote “Batman versus Superman” film, Warmer Brothers chose to sponsor native advertising interview with Lex Luther Jr. That was a great way of acknowledging pitfalls of native ads while still maintaining disbelief suspension for tycoons like Luther.


  • YouTube (Awesome Stuff Week)

To help liven up interest in the YouTube’s e-commerce integrations, a company was launched with an aim of leveraging the top talents on YouTube in fashion and gadget spheres. Lewis Hilsenteger and iJustine of Unbox were the YouTubers brought together to celebrate the “Awesome Stuff Week”.


  • Leidos (Politico Focus)

Engineering constant Leidos has appealed to Belway set through “Hacker Avenue” – an interactional of vulnerabilities the society is facing as people become more reliant on Internet of Things (IoT). Using smart infographics, the mini game highlights important statistics, facts, and rich accompanying content.


  • Airbnb (New York Times)

Collaboration between Airbnb and the New York Times/T Brand Studios tells a story of Ellis Island and immigrants in the New York. They achieve that by exploring particular family histories through maps, narration and archival photos. The native advertisement focuses on various aspects of homebuilding and hospitality that most newcomers will experience in New York.


  • Ikea (The Telegraph)

The quirky A-Z quiz that Ikea provides to readers has helped it score again. The quiz provides readers with various tips on how to get better sleep at night. More like other native ads, the campaign does not promote any specific products but aims to strengthen Ikea brand association.


  • Xerox (The Atlantic)

The Atlantic and Xerox collaboration led to development of a portal important for readers seeking for the latest ideas in the world of growth hacking and productivity. The portal features articles from leading expertness and free e-books in addition to properly designed interactive pages.


  • Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil (Good News by The Telegraph)

Seven Seas, a British health supplement company, used a unique native ads approach by frequenting a curated page of uplifting and positive news in “The Telegraph”. It is hard to notice the company branding unless you are searching for it.


  • Newcastle Brown Ale (Gizmodo)

Newcastle embraced the snark of Gizmodo, the then-Gawker affiliate, in the 2014 paid article – “We’ve Disguised This Newcastle Ad as an Article to Get You to Click It.” They produced the article with an aim of explaining how Newcastle bought advertisement from Gizmodo to embed a video. The video discussed a Super Bowl advertisement that Newcastle could not make.


  • Netflix (Cocainenomics by the Wall Street Journal)

To promote show Narcos, Wall Street Journal worked with Netflix to make an interactive portal that explores the history of drug trade in the world. The portal features properly designed maps, articles, timelines and a quiz. It is a great example of native advertising. It produces both value and interest.


  • Airbnb (South London Hosted by Artwork/Thump)

The portal available on Vice Media’s Thump Channel allows exploration of South London as organised by the DJ and Producer Artwork. The portal features original articles, videos and explorable maps. The content has unique standalone value.


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