Why Link Building is Important

Intuitively, a digital marketer should focus on making their own site remarkable. However, building links from other websites to yours can further enhance your exposure on search engines. Google, Bing and Yahoo measure quantity and quality of backlinks among other factors to decide how a page should rank on the search engines. Simply having a lot of backlinks isn’t enough to rank high. You could be linking from your neurotic neighbor’s website for ‘how to survive a nuclear disaster.’ Instead, linking from a respected university or government site truly builds authority for your content with readers and eventually leads to high page rankings on search engines. Before we go much further, it is important to recognize the dark side of backlink building aka Black Hat Tactics.

The Dark Side

Some marketers try to outsmart Google with what is know as black hat SEO tactics. Sometimes an unscrupulous marketer will try to cloak what is actually on the site from what the search engine sees or, even worse, hack into other websites lacking security to add their own links. They may even create hidden text on the page full of keywords that only the search engine can see. This may initially work, but you probably will be caught and have your ratings plummet.

The Good Side

Building relationships with customers and other individuals from related industries can help to sustain your business long term. Providing a positive experience and contributing genuine value to the internet naturally lead to an optimized website. Below are some techniques for link building that demonstrate the benefits it can bring can your website.

Guest Blogging

When you are invited to a bloggers page to write a guest blog, you can leave a link to your website in the author section at the bottom. Guest blogging funnels referral traffic onto your site from consumers who are passionate about the same ideas that your company promotes. It is an equally beneficial situation for the blogger who can attract more readers to their page. You don’t just generate backlinks, but create enduring customer relationships.

Networking with Influencers

Get to know people in your industry who have created respected, relevant sites. Maybe visit their facebook page and write an encouraging comment or even link back to their website on your own blog. At some point, the favor could be returned and they may link back to your website. When you build a relationship with a key influencer, they will naturally promote your brand and help to establish its presence.

Link to Something Worthwhile

The links from your website should be relevant and worthwhile for the reader. Of course, you probably didn’t design your website around link building. However, you should always be generating dynamic content that readers find useful. The best links provide access to original information like research studies, blogs, or tools rather than a welcome page on your website. By creating compelling content, you can create natural links. If you aren’t quite at that stage, maybe start with networking.

Keep the End in Mind

Regardless of the way you choose to optimize your site, think of the long term effects it will have on your brand and loyal customers rather than simply driving traffic to your page. The main idea of content marketing is to write with search engines and humans in mind. 

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