On The Fence About Using Instagram For Your Business? Read This.

Instagram is a social network that boasts over 700 million active monthly users and offers plenty of potential opportunities for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Social media presence is essential for businesses to attract new customers whether they are established or just starting up. If you are up to your ears in work and do not want to expand anymore, you can still use social media to deepen the relationship with your existing clients

Statistics show most Instagram users follow at least one business, and engage with these businesses in meaningful ways—phone calls, getting directions, website visits and other physical interactions are real results created by effective social media campaigns.

Take a look at the biggest players in your industry and, guaranteed, they are active on social media.

If you are on Facebook or Twitter and not Instagram you are missing out on a huge source of potential leads and new customers!

Stay away from services that offer an instant boost in Instagram followers. There are companies that promise results for cheap and will boost your numbers, but most of these new followers will be located in India or the Philippines, not exactly your ideal markets! Your goal is to connect with real people who are interested in your niche and may turn into customers.

A targeted social media strategy will connect you with customers and other players in your industry with the end goal being the increase of your network and your net-worth.

To get more followers on Instagram, your content need to be consistent, feel authentic, and be part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. You need to locate potential customers in fans, provide interesting content, offer solutions to problems and have fun! Instagram is an amazing tool for businesses that allows you to create a beautiful story for your brand and engage customers in meaningful ways.

As a business owner you should take advantage of every tool that helps people know where you are, what you do, and why you are the best at it!

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